This was my very first blog post back in July of 2009.

- - -

Welcome to my blog. I’m sharing it with my husband, so maybe sometimes he’ll post on it, too?

Not sure where to start with developing a blog, but I want to tell you from where the title of my blog came. (Rabbit trail – “blog” is being underlines as misspelled in Microsoft Word as I write this. Crazy.)

Back in May, one of our pastors – Randy – preached about Jesus cursing the fig tree for not bearing fruit in Mark 11. Randy examined the background of the situation. The fig tree was behaving normally. It wasn’t the season for figs. Of course it didn’t have fruit. Randy then asked the question, why did Jesus curse a tree for not doing something it couldn’t do? He then said something that has become the theme of Sunday mornings at Midtown this summer and has wrecked me to the core as I struggle to wrap my mind around its many implications: Jesus came to curse the normal.

This is so rich, and I cannot possibly begin to summarize a summer’s worth of sermons. (If you have a long commute or down time on the beach, check out the podcasts here or in itunes.) Thus, here are some excerpts of my notes. . . What is “normal” for the church? Bored? Unmoved? It’s normal to ask questions. It’s abnormal to let God speak truth into my questions. . . It’s normal for me to judge God on the perspective of what I want and don’t want rather than what God has for me. . . When God says “Go!” He is already working. . . In pain and suffering, it’s normal to ask, “Where is God?” and abnormal to say, “This is God working!". . . Normal is living in my natural state of being controlling, angry, and selfish. “My need for control is birthed from my broken need for power, to avoid what I fear at all costs,” (from The Silence of Men by Richard Newman) while abnormal living allows me the freedom to just be in situations. . . Thank you, God, for revealing to me the prison that I am in and that you are greater than my prison. . . Freedom doesn’t necessarily mean I am free from the struggle, but I am free to live in a new reality of freedom and joy.

This stuff is so messy. Our community group has been discussing the sermons at our biweekly gatherings. I’ve been churning it over in my mind on my own. I’ve digested it with my husband and friends. A blog I follow is challenging me. It may also be some of the reason why I started this blog.
Thus, the title of this blog: Fig Tree Freedom. Freedom from the normal (fig tree) living. Living abnormally. What does that look like? As we make our bittersweet relocation from Nashville to Philadelphia, I am nervously excited to live abnormally.

Perhaps this blog will help me verbalize. The entrees won’t always be like this. Some will be updates on life. Some will be funny. Some will be sewing projects and maybe even tutorials. Who knows what Fig Tree Freedom will be. However, I promise to avoid any discussion of any bodily fluids related to pregnancy, delivery, and newborns. Thus, there might not be much to say about the baby until next spring, but we shall see.

Last but not least, the Fig Tree Freedom (abnormal living) theme verse: I Thessalonians 5:17. Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.