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babysit-a-niece: October 25

Last week, we had Stella with us while her mama went to an in-service at work. Stella loves her fuzzy blanket.

Heidi serenaded her to sleep.

She loves tummy time much less than her fuzzy blanket, but we suffered through it together.

Then she napped on me for three hours. I think it was my fuzzy blue fleece.

I may have also napped.

I really had to pee when she finally woke up, but it's been a long time since I've been able to sit with a  sleeping baby for three hours. Sleeping babies are one of life's sweetest reasons to sit and be still. Come again soon, Stella!

babysit-a-niece: October 16

Ellie hung out with us while her parents took care of their dental health.

Her expressions and one-word commentaries are my favorite at this age.

She also loves Amos. And seeing herself on a phone screen. And following Uncle Aaron.


guest blogger: Anna

- - -

In Kindergarten, you get to do Book-O-Ween which is where you dress up like a character in a favorite book. Mama requested Sophie's Squash from the library, and she laughed out loud when she heard Lydia reading it. (You should check it out. It's so funny.)

Mama read it to me, and I immediately knew I wanted to be Sophie for Book-O-Ween. I wanted to get ready right away. First, I needed a butternut squash (Bernice) and a sharpie. (My Bernice came from Pop-Pop and Nana's garden.)

I also grabbed a doll blanket.

Here I am dressed like Sophie with my squash, Bernice, ready for Book-O-Ween.

It was so fun; I loved it! (You really should read the book. It's a funny one!)

a birthday

Today, we celebrate the birthday of my favorite person, my husband. The birthday boy roasts the most beautiful marshmallows I've ever seen.

I could probably watch him ready campfires all the time.

Fires in the fireplace, too.

Aaron serves and loves us so well. I love you, Aaron. Happy Birthday!

Crystal Cave

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Tuesday, Mom was a chaperone on my class field trip to Crystal Cave.

It was fun to tour the cave.

But this part was my favorite - mining for crystals.

Thanks for coming along, Mom.

fall fun

Anna's classmate had a birthday party at Freddy Hill Farms on Friday, and the invitation included any younger siblings. Jesse was psyched. We started with lunch, and then it was time for a hayride to the pumpkin patch.

Then the corn maze.

Next, we headed over to the slide.

We finished up with some ice cream.

The party favor was pumpkin decorating kits. Jesse and Anna got right to work when we got home - decorating two sides of their pumpkins.

bedroom switch

I finished painting the guest bedroom a few weeks ago.

Next up was Anna's and Jesse's bedroom.


Except then we went to put in Jesse's new bed and realized both beds didn't fit in their room, but they did fit in the guest room. (Who knew - I always thought those rooms were nearly identical in size, but one had a few more inches to the door than the other.) So then it was time to take apart all the beds and relocate all the furniture. Mild chaos, but we did it.

Ta-da. (Sort of. The bed isn't made, and the curtain rods aren't even up yet.)

Next up, the wall hangings. (Or maybe we'll get to that after the Halloween costumes are in order.)