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recipes worth sharing

It's the end of the month, so I'm paging over recipes I've made in the past two months to see if I've got any worthy of sharing. I made a lot of my usual recipes, not too many new ones this time around. No surprises here: the images belong to the blogger of the recipe as noted below each photo.

Simply Scratch: Easy Enchilada Chicken and Rice Skillet
Dipping chips into dinner is fun, so this one worked well for quick and easy.
image: Simply Scratch
Simply Scratch: Sheet Pan Balsamic Basil Chicken with Burst Tomatoes
My kids despise burst tomatoes (which I also did as a kid), but now I like them. We didn't have any zucchini, so I just used pasta. A quick and easy meal as well.
image: Simply Scratch
Simply Scratch: Herb Apple Cider Bacon Chicken
Aaron was not a fan of this one, but the kids all liked it - even the child who had yet to enjoy one dinner the entire week. I served it with rice.
image: Simply Scratch
Allrecipes: Waffles I
If you need a basic, quick waffle …


We have another biker in the house! Jesse is figuring out this two-wheeler thing.

mini golf with Daddy

guest blogger: Lydia
- - -
On Fridays, it's dads play free with a paying child at Freddy Hill Farms for miniature golf. After school the other week, that's what we did for my date with daddy.

a costume performance

The Roof Music Theater is back in action after the flood. These kids gave quite the performance last week with these costumes.

Jesse's store

guest blogger: Jesse 
- - -
Welcome to my store. Just be careful on the steps. What would you like to buy?

customer appreciation day at Harleysville Bank

Our local bank hosted its annual customer appreciation day back in August. The kids are fans.

We also got to see our favorite fire police on duty directing traffic so we could cross the street. Hi, Great-Pop-Pop!

Stella hangouts

We went swimming on a Wednesday after school before Big Guy closed the pool for the season, and I found this cutie lounging.

The next week, Rachel needed her hair did, so I hung out with Stella again.

Then we went to Austin's and Rachel's for dinner on Saturday, and Stella needed another nap.

She woke up and played and showed off her smiling.

days with Ellie

We had Ellie with us earlier this month, and we were reminded of a milestone we've seen four times over but have now left behind: the age of tearing all books off the shelves.

Girlfriend can eat.

Play hard. Sleep hard (with as many of your cousins' dolls and animals as you can spot and reach).

She was carrying around these two dolls which was funny to me because they are the Derek and Bethany dolls from the dollhouse - her parents.

Come play again soon, Ellie!

lake: Great-Grandma

We didn't have Ryan/Lauren and Adam/April at the lake, so between those two families, we were missing nine kids. Nonetheless, we still had eleven of her twenty-one great-grandchildren for a Great-Grandma photo.

lake: day 3

Another beautiful morning at Keuka Lake.

Keuka Cafe is open for business.

And suddenly everyone was in the water.

Barry as the shark (reminiscent of my childhood with his dad as the shark).