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swim meet I

For Thursday's swim meet, I was running the crazy that is the ready bench, so I was able to grab a couple photos of my swimmers (when not corralling eight-and-under children who can't find their goggles).

Swim meets are for snacking.

Coach Heidi.


It's wood splitting season in our yard.

Jesse may need a more useful wheelbarrow.

summer creek III

Another Tuesday. Another day at the creek.

We found more berries to eat this time!

Catching crayfish.

Heidi caught two snakes.

This snake is eating a fish!

Amos's birthday

On Sunday, Amos turned one! Lydia and Heidi played Happy Birthday on their violins while he ate an egg for his birthday breakfast.

You may remember that Amos loves bubbles, so for his birthday

we gave him a bubble blower.

He loved eating the bubbles.

Happy Birthday, Amos! We love you!

time trials

Lydia and Heidi has time trials for swimming on Thursday. Instead of being a timer at swim meets, I signed up to be one of the team photographers. Therefore, I failed to take a picture of the two of them as I was in team photographer mode and not mom mode. I'll work on doing both modes at future swim meets.


8 & under freestyle. (They did the meet events out of order for time trials. The beginners just learned butterfly, and they haven't put the arm motions of breaststroke with the legs. Lydia and Heidi still swam all the events. Considering they couldn't even swim one lap without stopping at the wall a few weeks ago, but they now can swim a lap in a race, it will be exciting to see where they are at the end of the season!)

Meanwhile, duck-duck-goose with other swim team siblings.

The ready bench.