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recipes worth sharing

It's time to turn on the grill! These recipes were yummy and very colorful. As always, the images belong to the talented bloggers of the recipes.

Pinch of Yum: Summer Chipotle Chicken Cobb Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette
This cilantro vinaigrette is the same one from What Gaby's Cooking: Southwestern Brown Rice Bowl, so you can just make the rice bowl with the leftover cilantro vinaigrette. (Two very different tasting dinners with less effort!)
image: Pinch of Yum
Simply Scratch: Berry Spring Salad with Fresh Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
I only used strawberries because the other berries were more expensive, and it was still good.
image: Simply Scratch
Simply Scratch: Balsamic Rosemary Grilled Chicken
I used boneless chicken thighs, and this chicken is totally acceptable on its own if that salad up there isn't your jam.
image: Simply Scratch
The Girl Who Ate Everything: Salted Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies
I turned the oven on a cooler day, and these were …

fails: computer and the bathroom floor

I have plenty of posts to share, but my computer won't turn on, so I can't upload my photos from my camera. I'll have to back fill once I get up and running again to tell you about Heidi's birthday, her field trip to the zoo, swimming at Big Guy's and Nonna's, field day, the fair. May is a full month!

I wanted to at least pop in to explain the absence. We are alive and well in our corner of the world after hosting a family of five for two weeks while their (unexpected) kitchen and bathroom renovations took over their house.

Speaking of renovations, I'll tell you that painting the tile floor in the bathroom last July did not work. We'll be exploring a plan B for the floor.

country fair days

The fair came to town as it always does, and we received tickets again this year.

Time for the ferris wheel!

Another fun night at the country fair!

Field Day

Friday was Field Day! I skipped volunteering this year and brought Anna and Jesse along with me to watch the festivities.

Heidi's the jumper in this photo.

We joined the ladies for lunch.

Jesse brought the entertainment.

We started in second grade and hopped over to first grade when they came in.

Thanks for letting us join you for lunch, Lydia and Heidi!


Jesse learned to pump on the swings all by himself.

first grade trip II

Heidi's birthday was also the first grade trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. Heidi insisted I be a chaperone since it was her birthday, and fortunately for her, my name was chosen. These three were with me, and they requested multiple photo ops around the zoo all day (which I subsequently texted to their parents).

The new otter and red panda exhibit opened the next day, so that was our biggest bummer.

Otherwise, we had a fabulous day seeing all the exhibits.

Lunch by the fountain.

Heidi with the bats.

Little joeys in the kangaroo pouch.

Monkeys in the monkey house.

Before I had to kick all the first graders out of the trees.

Thanks for taking me on your tip with you, Heidi! Happy Birthday!

Heidi turns 7

It was a cool and dreary day for Heidi's birthday, but she was going to the zoo on a field trip. Her enthusiasm exploded into the birthday headband upon her head. She began the day with waffles for breakfast.

After the trip to the zoo (more about that tomorrow), we ate her birthday dinner - burgers and hot dogs - and opened presents.

She got some walkie talkies and has been using them with the neighbors ever since.

(We had house guests during Heidi's birthday, so here's the gaggle of children - still no boys for Jesse.)

Dirt dessert was the birthday treat.

On to the ruler to mark Heidi's growth.

Happy Birthday, Heidi! You exude enthusiasm and fierce compassion for everyone around you. We love you!