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recipes worth sharing

I have a few recipes to share. The first one (the one with the mushrooms!) was delicious. I'll make that one again! The others are good enough to share, but I don't know how many I will make regularly. Let me know if you try any! As per usual, the photos belong to the blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

Pinch of Yum: Date Night Mushroom Fettuccine
I made this for dinner for all six of us - not for date night. Lydia (currently) loves mushrooms, so she devoured it. Aaron and I loved it. Heidi eats everything, and Anna and Jesse finished it at a steady pace. I only made half a pound of pasta (but didn't halve any other part of the recipe), and I used the traditional cut ribbon noodles (made with eggs) at ALDI instead of fettuccine because those noodles are so good. (I should really make my own noodles, but when ALDI has those, they win for convenience.) As I can get eight ounces of mushrooms at ALDI for $1.15 and a pint of heavy whipping cream for $1.60, this is …

hand-me-down bins

We went through the bins of hand-me-downs for Anna and Jesse on Wednesday.

Naturally, these two (and the dog) enjoyed the empty bins.


On Saturday, we hung out at Nonna's school's auction. The kids all got their faces painted (but I only photographed two).

Big Guy's brothers (and wives) came, too, and at one point, they were all teasing him about something. I missed what the teasing was about, but I did capture this photo that makes me laugh.

P.S. Uncle Walt, how were those cupcakes you bought for Julia? Even tucked away in the corner of this photo, they look delicious.

baby lover

Our baby lover enjoyed the youngest visitor of our Saturday night dinner guests.

I need to take a picture of the bulletin board at school where Heidi's 100th day of school paper says, "I'd rather have 100 babies than 100 mice." 😂

lip sync III

This year, Lydia and Heidi partnered up with our neighbors for the school's lip sync. (They made T-shirts the week before.)

Here they are ready to perform Kidz Bop's version of Taio Cruz's Dyamite.

The crowd is ready, too.

They were the fourth act.

I will forever love the lip sync for giving kids the opportunity to get up on a stage and perform something they created in front of a live (and large) audience.

Finale dance party on the stage (Heidi's favorite part.)

springtime sledding

The kids really loved sledding with the neighbors.

"Can I have hot chocolate now?"

springtime snow

It's spring!

I think?

The next-door-neighbors brought some snowboard sleds over and built a ramp on the sledding hill. The kids had a blast!

first day of spring: free sugar

Nevermind the early dismissal due to winter storm warnings; we still ventured out for our free Rita's and Dairy Queen.

The boys wanted ice cream, so we dropped them off at Dairy Queen

I took the girls for water ice at Rita's.

Double fisting free sugar.

Oh, spring, where are you?