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recipes worth sharing

Time for a few recipes! As per the usual recently, I don't have many to offer you, but also, as per usual, the images belong to the original recipe bloggers as notated below each photo.

Simply Scratch: Roasted Garlic and Rosemary White Bean Dip
My fresh rosemary plant is done, so I made this without the rosemary, and it was very delicious with both pita chips and raw vegetables. I made it for our Fasnacht Day party, and it was gone by the end of the morning. The afternoon guests didn't get any, so be sure to double it if you're expecting a crowd.

image: Simply Scratch Baked Oatmeal II 
I found this recipe many years ago, but it's been a few years since I made it. I rediscovered it as I've made it twice in recent months. The pictures on the site are ugly, so just trust me that it's yummy!

I have a few I'm excited to try this week, so hopefully in March, I'll have a few more recipes to share!

see saw

I took Anna and Jesse to the playground the other day.

While I was out on Saturday morning, Aaron brought them to the same playground, and there they are loving the see saws again.

city errands

On Friday, we ventured into the city to bring a meal to a new baby's family. (Congratulations, Tim & Nicole!) We used the meal delivery as an excuse to run some of our favorite errands in Philadelphia. First, we stopped at Sarcone's Bakery for some bread. (Jesse came inside, and they gave him two cookies. Lydia and Heidi used to love when the lady gave them free cookies.)

I can smell this photo.

Then, we purchased a couple pounds of our favorite sausage at Esposito's.

Next, we popped across the street to Tortilleria San Roman for a couple kilos of corn tortillas. (We store them in the freezer since we can't run around the corner for these anymore.)

Finally, we made it to Tim and Nicole's to meet baby Clay!

Anna and Jesse read his books and checked out all of his toys. Nicole's twin sister was visiting from Nashville, so Jesse got to hang out with his birthday twins (triplets? - July 1st!) for a bit, too.

Clay had to go to the doctor when we were leaving, so…


guest bloggers: Anna & Jesse

- - -
There have been a lot of puddles this week, so naturally, we need to run through them!


This little closet is a beautiful little space. It's the one behind the garage doors down there behind Jesse,

and we framed it out in the renovations with the vision of it being a shoe closet. It probably makes more sense for the door to open the other way, but we didn't want the closet door handle shattering the glass on the door, so the door opens this way.

I hoarded some scrap wood from all the construction around here and managed to piece this together. I purchased wood screws and one piece of plywood to cut into boards for the shelves.


It's no "Closets By Design" (yay, Jill! (my cousin's wife)) to look at, but it wins in my book for functional space.

Not to be left out, I'll also show you the other closet, which is now our coat closet. It's the one back there behind Heidi and the shelf.

Again, nothing fancy, but we did it for under $10 with scrap wood, a metal conduit cut for the rods, and closet rod holders.

(And the kids can hang up thei…

family room and kitchen

Nevermind beautiful staged photos to show you. I'll just give you a few real life shots of where we are at in our renovation completion.

This was a before:

Here is the after.

Please disregard the upside-down table; I ran out of felt pads.

(Also, please close your eyes to the hodgepodge room with the green rug. The couches that used to be in there went into the family room, so that room is now in need of some couches and help in general. =)

Another before:

Another after:

Amos lives in this room now - his fourth crate location in his six months living with us.

mystery reader

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Daddy was scheduled to be the mystery reader in Heidi's class on Friday, and I got to join him! Here we are waiting in the office for first grade to be ready for us.

Mrs. Roberts took some photos on Daddy's phone for us.

I read "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late." 

Daddy read "Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster."

We also brought Heidi's joke book.

Heidi was so excited, as you can see from this photo her teacher posted on ClassDojo.

It was so much fun to be the mystery reader!