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recipes worth sharing

As the kitchen is not in full use - as it currently houses no sink or counter - I've got a smaller stock of recipes this month. Nonetheless, I have a few! As per usual, the images belong to the original recipe bloggers as notated below each photo.

A Spicy Perspective: Homemade Chick Fil A Nugget and Sauce Recipe
These were fun, and the kids liked them.

image: A Spicy Perspective
Brown Eyed Baker: Oreo Balls
I could easily leave these, but my kids loved them.
image: Brown Eyed Baker
Ham and Cheese Foil Sandwiches
We have eaten these for dinner twice in two weeks because they can be made at the table and tossed in the oven (or toaster oven) - no sinks or counters needed. We bought the ingredients at ALDI, so excluding the mustard and foil, this is a $10 dinner ($3.19-ham + $1.79-cheese + $1.99-rolls + $1.99-rolls) that feeds six (and that my kids all love).
sliced ham (deli or leftover)
Swiss cheese, thinly sliced (I buy a block and slice it myself.)
24 dinner rolls (two…


On Saturday, a friend from church had a birthday party at this place - The Carousel At Pottstown - where we enjoyed unlimited carousel rides for two hours.

Naturally, they rode every animal possible - even the ones that don't go up and down.

The kids loved it!

kitchen progress

The kitchen is moving right along.


Thursday (sink! hardware!):

Friday (window!):

The stove is in place again.

So on Sunday morning, Aaron still whipped up some eggs despite the lack of a counter.

(Soon, there will be counter space in abundance.)

As the sink is not hooked up, the bathroom is also doing double duty.

Cheers to another week of dinners from the toaster or in the homes of our friends!

bathtub reading

On Wednesday, the electricians were here, too, and the house was packed full of cabinets in boxes, men on ladders, and couches in the way.

The electricians also had to install hard-wired smoke detectors (a mandatory code requirement), so they were in all of the bedrooms. At nap/quiet time, I somehow had no where to put Anna and Jesse. So they took some books into the only space left - the bathtub.

(I'm sure it's no surprise that there has been no sleeping during nap time recently.)

baby boys

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I love babies, and I love to hold babies. This is Sawyer, my violin teacher's baby.

This is Gavin, my neighbor's baby.

I wish I could already babysit.

kitchen cabinets

On Monday, I pulled up to the house to see this truck delivering the kitchen cabinets.

Now we can't see out the back door,

 but the kitchen is wired and ready.

Oh, and the island cabinets are set. (It's not exactly an island, but that's what we call it.)


Jesse loves this spinning toy at the playground, and Aaron took this video for your viewing pleasure.

kitchen demolition

Here's the kitchen sometime before May 2017 (which is when we got a new fridge and and a gas stove).

Here is the kitchen sans the upper cabinets.

The kitchen sans anything resembling a kitchen after Aaron and his dad ripped it out on Saturday.

The cozy couch room gained a fridge.

Cheers to meals with paper plates (and dinner at the homes of our generous friends and families)!

book lamps

Big Guy and Nonna gave the kids book lamps in their stockings at Christmas, and those lamps are used daily.

insulation and drywall

We have insulation and drywall! Let's walk you over to it.

Before we moved in (2014):

The kitchen wall down to the studs:

No kitchen wall, drywall up ahead:

From the kitchen:

From the "garage" door: (Those doors will forever be called the "garage door" just like the hall bathroom is the "blue" bathroom even though there is no longer any blue in it.)

From the corner closet:

From the back door (a progression):

Time to paint!