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daddy date

November is Heidi's month for a date with Daddy.

Hot chocolate at The Energy Station.

Heidi is currently missing many of her front teeth.

But who needs teeth to drink hot chocolate?
P.S. Go vote!

patio lights

Just in time for late fall and winter (when we don't sit outside anymore), we added some ambiance to our patio with some string lights.

I've had the vision in mind for awhile, but the planters for the posts were an expensive hurdle to start the project. Then Aaron's dad cut down a tree and found a hollow tree, and I found my planters. (Jesse found a hide-and-seek location.)

We got some 4x4x8 posts, set them on boards, and threaded them through the hollow logs.

We were given a string of patio lights leftover from Rachel's wedding, so we bought some cable wire and wire clamps and a white extension cord to finish the setup.

We already took the lights down when we packed the table and chairs into the shed over the winter, so come back in the spring to sit outside with us.

Halloween parade

On Halloween, the kids walk in the Halloween Parade at school. Morning kindergarten had their own parade.

The rest of the school paraded in the afternoon. We picked up Anna from kindergarten, ate lunch and played on the playground, and Jesse ran his own parade route while we waited for the kids to come outside.

The cutest little unicorn came to the parade.

The costume perfectly fits Stella's love of all things fuzzy.

Still waiting for the parade.

Time for second grade! (Thanks, Lisa, for the picture of my green plastic army man.)

Here comes third grade across the way.

Some of us grew tired of the parade.

Here comes Cleopatra. 

It's always fun to see what kids dress up as at school each year. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

We exited the world of our family group costume this year - a bittersweet milestone for our Halloween celebrations.

Lydia: Cleopatra; Heidi: green plastic army man; Anna: horse (turned donkey (Eeyore) in the eleventh hour with an ear change); Jesse: Tigger.

First stop: Larry and Nancy.

Second stop: Pop-Pop and Nana.

Third stop: Big Guy and Nonna - to eat dinner and trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.

Happy Halloween!

babysit-a-niece: October 25

Last week, we had Stella with us while her mama went to an in-service at work. Stella loves her fuzzy blanket.

Heidi serenaded her to sleep.

She loves tummy time much less than her fuzzy blanket, but we suffered through it together.

Then she napped on me for three hours. I think it was my fuzzy blue fleece.

I may have also napped.

I really had to pee when she finally woke up, but it's been a long time since I've been able to sit with a  sleeping baby for three hours. Sleeping babies are one of life's sweetest reasons to sit and be still. Come again soon, Stella!

babysit-a-niece: October 16

Ellie hung out with us while her parents took care of their dental health.

Her expressions and one-word commentaries are my favorite at this age.

She also loves Amos. And seeing herself on a phone screen. And following Uncle Aaron.