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Christmas at Big Guy's and Nonna's

After Christmas at our house, we trekked over to Big Guy's and Nonna's.

The girls wanted to wear their new flannel shirts, so our whole family wore buffalo plaid for Christmas.

Uncle Austin and Aunt Rachel gave us one of their favorite games. (Well, they gave us the kids version of their favorite game.)

We brought Derek, Bethany, and Ellie into the chaos even though they were far away in Arkansas.

Aunt Rachel wishing she was at the kids' table.

Christmas tablecloth

This is the tenth year with our Christmas tablecloth, and it is also the first year Jesse wrote his own name. Last year he was mostly furious that Aaron put a hat on his "J" instead of a dot, so this year, he got his dot.

Everyone else is a professional at this point.

Christmas at our house

On Christmas Eve, we went with plan B for our dinner because the leftover volume in our fridge was too high. Instead of pulling the stuffed shells and meatballs from the freezer, we had chicken cutlets, macaroni and cheese, and shrimp cocktail (and sparkling cider). It was still delicious.

Silent Night by candlelight at the Christmas Eve service.

Christmas jammies.

Ready for Christmas morning.

For breakfast on Christmas morning, Daddy made egg sandwiches. (We also had coffee cake after we opened gifts.)

After we finished the last ornament on our Jesse Tree, we moved to the living room to open gifts.

First, the kids gave their gifts to us and each other (which are often projects they made at school).

Lydia made Heidi a computer.

Lydia made Anna reindeer antlers to slide onto her headband.

Pop-Pop and Nana gave the kids new helmets.