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goodbye, ponytails

Today Anna turns five (more on that next week)! But yesterday, our favorite hairdresser, Amanda, came to chop off our ponytails!

Lydia went first.

Heidi was up next.

Last (and longest) was Anna.

I went last.

Of course, our hair needed to be styled, too.

Short hair for spring and summer!

Now I gotta mail off this package of ponytails! (Pantene Beautiful Lengths)

bicycle doll seat

For Anna's birthday (which is tomorrow!), Pop-Pop and Nana gave Anna this doll seat for her bicycle.

It's hard to tell who loves it more - Bitty Baby or Anna?

a spring creek visit

It was so beautiful on Saturday; we couldn't resist a visit to the creek.

I didn't expect anyone to get soaked, but Lydia and Heidi were swimming away.

After our picnic dinner, it was time to head home

with our fearless leader, Anna, leading the way.

Ellie's first birthday party

Ellie turns one today; on Saturday, it was her birthday party!

Derek and Bethany organized a feast for her family to celebrate.

Time for presents.

Who needs gift when there's tissue paper around?

Here's Ellie escaping from six of her cousins. (Between both sides of her family, Ellie already has ten cousins with three more on the way in the next three months!)

Time for cake!