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lake: day 1

There was no school the Friday before Labor Day, so we took advantage of the four-day weekend with a trip to the beloved Keuka Lake. We arrived Thursday night and woke up Friday morning to blue skies and water as smooth as glass.

I'm glad I took the photos to prove it because on Saturday and Sunday the water was choppier than I've ever seen it. This was the only day we could really play on the raft without it drifting into the dock next door.

Sorting shells and stones on the beach.

More cousins arrived on Friday.

Bedtime story with Uncle Dennis.

Stella wanted to snuggle with me before bed.


I am friends with one of Amos's brother's human family on Facebook. She posted a picture of her pup with his blankie, and I immediately jumped up to show Aaron.

image: Andrea Quinn Photography
Because Amos.


peach picking

We went peach picking before we went to the mountains. Anna opted to stay home (since Aaron was working from home), but the rest of us picked plenty of peaches to eat and can.

birthday party

After the beach, we went to a birthday party for our cousins.

"Magic" tricks with Uncle Matthew.

My siblings and me plus our better halves.

Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Mom-Mom with ten of their sixteen great-grandchildren.

(And then the Utahans flew home. We will see you at Christmas!)

mountains: day 3

Breakfast in the morning sunlight again

Then we took off for a hike.

Steph brought a coffee mug, so we use "hike" loosely.


A visit to the alpacas.

Fence climber.

Time to feed the fishies.