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a walk in the woods

It was sunny but freezing for a hike in the woods with friends, so we bundled in our snow gear in hopes of a muddy adventure. It was the perfect hike for the preschool-aged.

Jesse was so tired by the end, but he made it!

trampoline park

Lydia went to a birthday party at one of those indoor trampoline parks. She loved it!

(Next time, I want to jump, too.)

free treats!

As I've been way behind on publishing to the blog, I failed to remind you of free cone day at Dairy Queen and free water ice at Rita's on the first day of spring (March 20th!). We ventured to Dairy Queen after kindergarten pickup. I didn't order myself a cone expecting to have to help finish someone else's cone. Nope. These kids love their ice cream.

Later in the day, after Lydia got off the bus, we drove over to Rita's.

It was so cold outside; everyone's teeth started chattering. We transported the water ice home and finished them up at home after warming up in the car on the drive.

Happy Spring!

date: The Little Mermaid, Jr.

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

March was my month for a date with daddy. One of the local middle schools was putting on a musical: The Little Mermaid, Jr. Daddy took me to see it!

We had so much fun!



bingo night: boys at home

While I took the girls to bingo the other week, Aaron stayed home with Jesse. Aaron put on Jesse's pajamas and after he tossed the diaper, Aaron walked out to this.

Jesse: I'm ready to go!
Aaron: Go where?
Jesse: To My Birthday!

I love these guys!


The snow on Tuesday was more ice than snow, and the wind was brutal at times. (Anna walked outside and blew over and walked right back inside.) Due to the sand-like texture of the snow, the sledding wasn't working so well either, but wrestling in the snow still worked.

Lydia came home from school early on Monday with a virus, so she went to bed early with Anna and Jesse.

So after some ice-less snow had fallen in the afternoon, Heidi and I took to the sledding hill again.

couch potatoes

We've been sharing some unfortunate germs around here recently, and in our house, the movies come out with the barf buckets. (There have been a lot of movies here in March.)

incoming snow

Who's ready for some more of this white stuff?

snowy bus stop

Just another day at the bus stop - but with snow! Catching snowflakes.

Anna in head-to-toe snow gear and Jesse without a coat.

crazy hair night

It was crazy hair night at Awana! (Braids over pipe cleaners produce awesome results.)

Lydia made a mermaid in her hair where we wrapped her ponytail with yarn for the tail effect. (Her idea. I only helped wrap the ponytail.)


The elementary school hosted a bingo night. It was a full house!

Lydia had the best bingo card of all of us. She won a bowling event (worth $45) at the local bowling alley. (I'm still probably more excited about it than she was.)

couch twins

Remember when we bought our couch upon moving to Philadelphia in 2009? Remember how my brother recommended the store to us where we ended up buying the same exact couch as them? In 2012, this happened on Instagram, and I still laugh about it. I figured these photos just needed to exist side-by-side for my own giggles.

"nap time"



I truly don't mind laundry. But ironing? I loathe it. I don't know why, but I really don't like to iron. I'll iron seams for sewing projects without complaint, but I'd rather clean the bathroom than iron a shirt. Unfortunately, some shirts (dresses, skirts, etc.) just don't dry nicely, and they need to be ironed. Yesterday while I was ironing, two little girls asked if they could iron. Of course, I let them. Maybe they'll love it like my mother and do all the ironing for me from now into forever (or at least until they move out?)!

(Heidi was cold - hence her jacket.)