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recipes worth sharing

To close out 2017 here on the blog, I've got a couple recipes to throw your way for the new year! As per usual, the images belong to the original recipe bloggers as notated below each photo.

How Sweet It Is: 20 Minute Spicy Garlic Spinach Pasta with Chickpeas
This was fast and easy! I cut the red pepper flakes for the kids and just set them on the table for Aaron and me to add as we wanted.
image: How Sweet It Is
Simply Scratch: Christmas Fettucine
This tastes so much like our favorite Penne with Sausage Cream Sauce, but this one has more butter, so there's that.
image: Simply Scratch
Simply Scratch: Sweet Potato Wild Rice Arugula Salad
I made this back in the fall but forgot to tell you about it. It was so delicious fresh - so many textures and delicious flavors (goat cheese! bursts of pomegranates!), but you gotta eat it all when you make it because it didn't impress as a leftover. Either invite friends over or cut the recipe in half.
image: Simply Scratch…

Christmas tablecloth

After stockings, we traced our hands on the Christmas tablecloth. This year, to honor Jesse's current black obsession, we used black markers.

(Can you see Amos? That's his spot when he wants to come in.)

(Of course, Jesse refused to use a black marker for once in his life, and he was pretty annoyed that Aaron put a hat on his "J" instead of a dot. (When he can write his own name, he can write the "J" how he wants.))

Now it is time again for me to stitch some hands.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated our family Christmas. Daddy made Amos an egg for breakfast.

The rest of us also had chocolate milk and pancakes.

Jesse admired the traced hands while he waited for breakfast.

Time to eat!

This year, the pancakes were in a stack like a Christmas tree along with letters spelling out names.

(Jesse and his pancakes are not pictured because he demanded I delete the photo of him that he didn't want me to take.)

After church, Lydia and Heidi gave Amos gifts - homemade dog treats.

Amos was ecstatic.

(Anna refused to be in this group photo.)

Then we moved on to stockings.

Jesse's favorite color is black, so we gave him a classroom pack of black markers.

cookies at Nonna's

On December 23rd, Nonna sets out pounds of butter on the counter to soften so that she can make Christmas cookies. She invites the kids to help her decorate the sugar cookies - aka throw sugar all over her kitchen.

Ellie was there, too, eating

and napping and playing.

Christmas with Pop-Pop & Nana

On Saturday, we traveled over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's (Nana's) house. Pop-Pop and Nana sent the kids on a scavenger hunt for presents.

Jesse's gift was wrapped in Peanuts wrapping paper.

 Santa came around with Great-Pop-Pop's friends from the fire house.

Poor Santa was getting quite wet on his route.

Back inside, these kids partied in the crafting corner of the basement.

We FaceTimed with the Floridian great-grandparents who recently got new iPhones.

Grandparents and grandkids (showcasing Anna's first group photo refusal of the season).