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Peanuts pumpkin sign

Jesse's love for Peanuts continues. He requests his photo with the Peanuts gang every time we come upon one of these pumpkin-holding cardboard boxes.

September 18: Trader Joe's

October 9: ALDI

October 12: Giant

October 23: ALDI

October 28: ALDI

October 30: ALDI

Happy Halloween!

the birthday boy

This guy had another birthday on Thursday. We started the day with breakfast at the table

and ended the day with carmelitas on the couch. (Jesse went to bed. He can't hang without a nap.)

I tell people I said yes to Aaron because of his marshmallow roasting skills. I'm kidding . . . mostly. (It is one of the perks.)

But seriously, I love this man. He loves me so well, and I am so grateful to be doing life with him by my side. (I especially love sitting fireside with him, whether we're outside roasting marshmallows for s'mores or inside heating the house in the winter.) Happy Birthday, Aaron! I love you.

rock climbing with Ellie

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

We got hungry on the swings and headed back to the car to get our lunch.

It was cold and windy; Ellie put on a vest to keep warm.

I dropped my ring pop, and it broke, so Anna shared hers with me.

See her blue lips? She's not cold, just sugared.

We climbed the rocks before heading home for naps.

Ellie climbed with us, too, but she didn't go far; we didn't want her to fall.

swinging with Ellie

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

We met Aunt Bethany and Ellie at Green Lane Park on Wednesday. I hung out with Ellie on the swings.

Jesse was with us, too, but he was doing his own thing.

the blue bathroom

The hall bathroom was a lovely blue. This is what it looked like when we moved in back in 2014.

This is a view of the vanity last spring (toilet paper unrolled and everything).

The wall tiles are squares - off-white speckled with gold flecks - with a blue rectangle trim.

The floor tiles were blue octagons and white squares.

The bathtub is white, but the shower surround was ivory or bisque. The tile is all in great shape, but the colors and styles were dated. When we bought the house back in the spring, we decided we would attempt to renovate this bathroom ourselves, excluding the vanity plumbing (as we planned to switch from a single to a double vanity). Instead of busting out ceramic tile and redoing floors and drywalls, we opted to paint the tile.

My dad helped us move an outlet from the vanity wall to the door wall, so the new mirror wouldn't block the outlet, and Aaron chiseled out the ceramic toilet paper holder, toothbrush holders, and towel rack with a crow bar.

We replaced…