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recipes worth sharing

I think I forgot to give you recipes in August. I don't know that I even had any. I do have one at least to share today! As per usual, the image comes from the appropriate recipe blog as noted below the image.

Simply Scratch: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread
If zoodles sound too healthy, shredding zucchini and mixing it with a lot of sugar is always an option. This recipe makes two loaves, so stick one in the freezer if you don't have six people under your roof to help you polish both loaves off quickly.
image: Simply Scratch
I am seriously failing with the new recipes I pick to try. My brother keeps sending me new ones to try, but he sends them via text which means I completely forget about them until I'm trying to assemble these posts. This week, I guess I will be trying all those recipes in my text messages since I am remembering them as I meal plan - hah!

at the park

We walked to the playground on Saturday with our friends. When Liam - who was running ahead around the curve - shouted there were firetrucks at the park, we knew something else was on its way: a medevac helicopter.

Fire trucks, ambulances, helicopters.

We watched the helicopter land, the patient transport, and the helicopter liftoff. (The patient was sitting up, so hopefully he was going to be okay.)

scooter antics

We first welcomed these scooters into our lives way back in 2012 when Lydia turned three. Heidi was the first one to really get the hang of it, and we spent the next two years in Philadelphia traveling the city by scooter. These scooters no longer take us to church and the playground each week, but they still get plenty of use on our driveways and sidewalks.

Heidi has some fancy tricks these days.

apple picking

We went apple picking on Monday. It wasn't typical apple picking weather (89 degrees!), so the apple cider slushie at the end was a refreshing treat.

"Mom, can I take a picture of the apples?"

wood splitter

Our neighbors took some trees down, so we (Aaron) split some wood. The girls were out with Big Guy and Nonna, so Jesse (and Amos) and I walked some snacks over to Aaron. Jesse took over at the splitter.

"neighborhood" picnic

We don't live in a neighborhood, but there are a whole lot of kids across the street and down the road(s). On Thursday, there was no school for Rosh Hashanah, so we had a picnic. We overflowed into Larry and Nancy's yard behind us because their giant oak tree gives perfect shade.

The kids (ages 3 through 12) rode bikes down the hill until they settled on the picnic table under the tree and told stories to each other for nearly two hours.

These are just our "immediate" neighbors - across the street and next-door. Most of the others had already left by the time I snapped this photo.

an anniversary

Last year on September 19th, I entered the hospital with my camera in hand, in a feeble attempt to give my friend and her family the gift of pictures. This year, with insight from other grieving mothers, we brought cake balls and sang happy birthday to celebrate the life of Brooke.

I haven't yet read Kara Tippett's book "Just Show Up: The Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together," but I think the title already says a lot: just show up.


We babysat Ellie on a Tuesday while her parents went to the dentist (Tuesday = the day the pastor has off during the week).

She did not enjoy the swing with us (but later loved it with her daddy).

So we stuck to books.

Anna loves Ellie! Ellie loves Anna when she's not also missing her mama and daddy.

ice cream date

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

When we were at the lake, it was my turn on the rotation for the monthly daddy-daughter date. Daddy took me to Seneca Farms!

I love these dates with my daddy.

puppy fun

These kids keep Amos very busy when they're home from school and playing outside!

He often sleeps in Aaron's office when Aaron is working from home, and this is somehow a favorite position.


On the first day of school for Lydia and Heidi, I took Anna and Jesse to the dentist - otherwise known as "time to stare at a screen." We found The Lion King in the waiting room.

Then it was Toy Story 2 in the examination room.

Put on those sunglasses for the bright light.

Jesse went first.

Anna's turn.

No cavities!