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On the first day of school for Lydia and Heidi, I took Anna and Jesse to the dentist - otherwise known as "time to stare at a screen." We found The Lion King in the waiting room.

Then it was Toy Story 2 in the examination room.

Put on those sunglasses for the bright light.

Jesse went first.

Anna's turn.

No cavities!

Ellie's baptism

On Sunday, my niece, Ellie, was baptized. Here she is hanging with Aunt Rachel before the service.

Ellie munching on her daddy's finger during the prayer.

She fell asleep during the sermon.

Back at Big Guy's and Nonna's for the lunch party.

Uncle Derek and Heidi.

Family photo.

Ellie appears unhappy about Heidi photobombing this family photo. (Hahahah!)


Our friend gave us these coolers last summer.

Jesse and Anna have recently discovered them to be wildly entertaining.

Who knew coolers on wheels doubled as rides around the driveway?

lake: day 3

Sunday was a cloudy morning at the lake. We snuck in breakfast outside during a break from the rain.

Beauty and the Beast during the rain.

The weather cleared up right before we left (of course).

Home again, getting ready for bed!

lake: day 2

The water was steaming off the water Saturday morning for breakfast on the beach.

Time to soil and seed for grass.

I played with the three-year-olds.

Aunt Laura planted flowers.

The males raked soil, planted grass, and spread straw.

Lunch time!

They went swimming. (I was ready with towels for the purple-lipped-fish.)

So much dust.

Face-painting with rocks. (Thanks, Aunt Bethany, for that tutorial last summer. They use it frequently!)

lake: day 1

To wrap up summer vacation, we headed to Keuka Lake for an unseasonably cold weekend. Amos came along, so between chasing a dog and four kids, I didn't pick up my camera as much as usual.

Zaelynn is a huge helper.

Lydia's photo of her block tower.

Tractor loving fans in the window.

Dinner time!

Pick up sticks on the beach.