beach: family photos

On Sunday night, before everyone started scattering to home and work, we took a family photo.

Then, we took a grandkid picture.

It was not until after this photo was taken many times that I said, "Wait, where is Jesse?"

. . .

(He was inside looking at the snack shelf and reading books.)

We took a family photo without Jesse and didn't even notice. I'm so embarrassed. (I did have an inkling that someone was missing, but I only counted the adults. Why didn't I count the kids? I'm still so ashamed. Poor Jesse.)

So here's that grandkids shot again.

Then we regrouped and tried again.

Nineteen is the current count, if anyone's counting. (Obviously, I'm not.)

(Mom, make sure you use the photo with Jesse for your Christmas card. Don't be like me.)