beach: day 3

There was rain in the forecast for Monday, so I started googling for rainy day activities and discovered it was also National Lighthouse Day with celebrations and free tours at the lighthouse. So after breakfast,

we rounded up the gaggle of six kids (Selah and Malec didn't join us) and Big Guy and Nonna and started walking north.

Well, most of us walked.

We did the tour of the lighthouse.

We got some Coast Guard coloring books from the Coast Guard tent.

Then, we attempted to walk back to the house along the trail.

We found some more of those wooden play structures, but it started to rain. Fortunately, we found an ark.

And Uncle Ryan came to drive us home, so we didn't get soaked.

Sorry that we got your car all sandy, Uncle Ryan.

Time for afternoon naps! (I napped with Jesse and Anna, so I actually don't know what happened after this point.)


  1. Beach, holidays, family, kids is really a great combination. Everyone should enjoy this type of vacations. Thanks.


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