beach: day 2

On Sunday, we headed to the beach early (because, remember, I love empty beaches).


The house had a shared pool with three other condos, but we often had the pool to ourselves.


Headed to the boardwalk.

Boy cousins twinning.

This "kiddie" cone was the size of his face.

Monster cookie (almost as good as Rockin' Resee's Pieces at Seneca Farms - but Resee's Pieces are always superior to M&Ms in my book).

The size of these "kiddie" cones: unreal.

Even Ellie and Malec noticed. Check out Ellie's longing face for Austin's waffle ice cream sandwich

and Malec's ogling eyes for Lauren's brownie fudge sundae.

Hassles, you do not disappoint. (This year, our rental was only a block away! Such delicious trouble.)