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waiting for the bus

guest blogger: Amos

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It was sort of raining, but the bus was coming. So I headed outside with this crazy kid who ran in circles.

I didn't want to stand in the rain.

Can we go inside yet?

Hooray, they're home!!!

How was your first day of school, ladies?

first day of school

Yesterday was the first day of school! Lydia started second grade, and Heidi started first grade.

Mr. Drew met Amos on his morning walk.

These two.

The bus is here with Miss Sheryl at the wheel for our third year in a row.

Off they go!

mini balling

guest blogger: Jesse

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Today is the first day of school for Lydia and Heidi which means yesterday was the last day of summer. It was too cold for our last Monday at the creek, so we went mini-balling instead. (Mama says it's called "mini-golf," but I call it "mini-balling.")

Mama says these pictures make it look more like street hockey. It was definitely crazy, but we all had fun!

solar eclipse and BOGO 99 cent blizzards

Last week, we were ready with our glasses for the solar eclipse. (Our next-door neighbors drove south to see the eclipse in totality, and our social media feeds were full of our Nashville friends experiencing it in totality, too. Maybe someday for us!)

We invited Kendall and the boys to come check it out, too.

Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Mom-Mom had come to hang out with us just because, so it was fun to watch the eclipse with them (even though they've already seen a solar eclipse).

We loved watching the crescent sun through the glasses (when the clouds stopped hiding the sun), but I especially love the crescent shadows!

Amos didn't care to enjoy the view.

Dairy Queen has a special (until September 3rd): buy one blizzard, get one for 99 cents. So, to celebrate the solar eclipse, we had ice cream for dinner.

Anna joined me for the only flavor blizzard I ever order: chocolate with Oreo. (Anna approved.)

Lydia (not pictured) enjoyed chocolate with Resee's peanut butter cup, and t…


We got a puppy! Meet Amos. Amos Nash. (We gave him a middle name.) Born June 24, 2017, we took him home at eight weeks on Saturday, August 19, 2017 from a local rescue. His mama is shepherd; his ears look labish; but we don't really know what he is. Oh, wait, yes, we do: he is cute, and he is ours.

(It is difficult to photograph black dogs. Gotta underexpose, or he just looks like a shadow.)