mountains: day 1

Last Wednesday, we set out on our first trip of the summer. ("Vacation" is not the right word when traveling with kids, so I prefer to use "trip" instead.)

First, we went to the mountains, and from there we went to the lake. Jesse's birthday was sandwiched in the middle of our adventure, so you'll hear about that in the recap over the next week. (I have a lot of pictures.) So without further ado, here we are upon arrival to the mountains on Wednesday. Time to run free after sitting in the car for a few hours.

We also need dinner, so let's get a fire started.

Roasting hot dogs.

Breaking out the four-wheeler.


Bedtime Bible story.

"Mom, take pictures of us in the field."

"No, Mom, not like that. Make the light flare."

Tick check and then off to bed!