80th birthdays

All of my grandparents turned eighty this year. We celebrated my grandma back in January, and two weeks ago, we celebrated my Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom with all their offspring at my parent's home (and pool). We took a family photo right away, but it's still missing people (eleven people to be exact - one aunt, five cousins, three cousin spouses, one toddler, one baby). (With 35 people in the photo, we are at 76% attendance, so we are still passing.)

Four sons.

Fourteen grandkids (missing five).

Thirteen great-grandbabies (and counting - eleven pictured: missing two and two more on the way).

Enough with these photos, let's swim (and eat)!

At eighty, Mom-Mom is still partying in the pool with the littles.

With so many kids in the pool, I failed to take photos while trading out for lifeguard duty and filling my plate. I didn't even get the signature shot of the birthday cake and candles. (Others did! I failed.) I do have some photos of the end of the party - when nearly everyone had already left. Uncle Tim and his youngest daughter, Ansley, came up from Georgia for the celebration. I realized that Ansley, my youngest cousin, is closer in age to my kids than she is to me (seven years compared to twenty years - that's almost triply).

Ansley and Malec.

Everyone needs an Uncle Tim.

Ellie hanging with Pop-Pop.

Brothers (my dad and Tim) vs brothers (my two brothers) rough house basketball.

Nice work, Pop-Pop.

Dabbing with Ansley.

Happy Birthday, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop! We love you!