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roller skating

On Saturday, one of Heidi's classmates had a birthday party at the roller skating rink. It was the kids' first time on roller skates, so it was mostly hilarious.

While they changed the flooring, I think the skate rentals are the same ones from when I was a kid.

a birthday date

guest blogger: Jesse
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On Thursday, we dropped my sisters off with Nana while Mama and I went on a date for my birthday to see Cars 3 at the local movie theater that has $3 tickets and $3 popcorn.

We were pretty early, so we took a picture and then looked at pictures on Mama's phone while we waited for the movie to start.

It's almost time for the movie to start!

Mom, don't eat my popcorn.

My favorite part was when they threw hay bales at Lightning McQueen.

creek Monday

On Monday, we set out on our weekly hike!

The crayfish catchers are getting better, but our nets need replacing.

A boy and a bucket.

They all crossed to the "cove" and wanted a photo. Then they wanted to know why I didn't get closer for the picture. Even I fall down crossing this creek: my phone and camera stay on the land side. =)


On Sunday, we hung out poolside. The girls gave the dads a workout.

(Except this girl.)

Father's Day picnic

On Saturday, we celebrated Father's Day with Pop-Pop and Nana. They filled up the baby pool for us to play - water guns and water balloons!

Water balloons in rainbow order.

After a spontaneous heavy rain shower, we saw a rainbow!