Dustin & Molly wedding

Aaron's cousin, Molly, married Dustin yesterday! She is the last cousin to wed, so this was the last of the weddings for that side of the family.

Time to start the ceremony: the grandparents are being seated.

Mother of the bride.

Who is Kinsey so excited to see?

Aunt Brittany!

The groom seeing his bride.

Mr. & Mrs!

Climbing on Uncle Jon.

Playing duck-duck-goose with cousins.

We took a family picture!

The kids danced and danced at the reception, but the dancing photos from my phone are gone forever because my phone died today. The wedding photographer was taking some (as my kids were the only ones on the dance floor at first). Maybe I'll have to some to share in the future. There was also a family photo taken, so I'll have to try to get my hands on one of those, too.

Congratulations, Dustin and Molly!