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nine more

I know it's the last day of the month, but I have no new recipes for you today. Maybe next month?

There are only nine more of these mornings spent waiting for the bus until school breaks for the summer!

country fair days

Once again, Austin's mom hooked us up with some tickets to the local fair that comes to town every Memorial Day weekend.

With one sheet of tickets on buddy night (two ride for the price of one!), we could ride the Ferris wheel and two more rides. The first stop was the carousel.

Aaron and I put Jesse on his horse, hoping he wouldn't fall/jump off without adult supervision. (He's getting so old.)

Heidi slapped Aaron's hand with every lap.

Next, Lydia and Heidi rode the swings while Jesse and Anna picked their second ride.

Lastly, we boarded the Ferris wheel together.

Just as Heidi hoped, we got stopped at the top.

Here we are!

We spent our food tickets, too.


a Friday night

Memorial Day weekend has been unseasonably mild, cloudy, and wet. Nonetheless, we've tried to play outside as much as possible anyway.

On Friday night, my parent's church opened their property for watching the local carnival fireworks. They serve carnival food - hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and nachos - and set up a moon bounce. We haven't stayed for the fireworks yet (because we can't hang until "dusk" at this time of the year - especially when the toddlers don't nap). Maybe someday.

The cotton candy was a hit.

I didn't use my camera much as I was on food duty

 because the kids always wanted to be in there.

The wind spilled some of the popcorn, but Jesse didn't care.

Maybe next year we will stay for the fireworks?

The Lion King Jr.

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

To celebrate my birthday, I went to see The Lion King, Jr. at the local theater (Montgomery Theater) with Big Guy and Nonna.

I met some of the cast afterwards: I loved Timon and Pumbaa.


Afterwards we walked over to Downtown Scoop for some delicious ice cream!

Thanks, Big Guy and Nonna, for such a fun time!

animal party

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

I went to my friend's birthday party on Saturday. She loves animals, so it was an animal-themed party. I wore animals clothes, and I got to hold animals at her party. The bunny was so soft.

We all loved the chickens!

community track night

Friends told us about an event over at The Hill School - Community Track Night. The track team puts it on for kids in the community to come out and participate in some track and field events. It started with the 40 meter dash.

Jesse found some high school girls to run alongside him, cheering him along the entire way.

Next up: Anna.

Racing Grant and Liam.

Heidi and Lydia.

We talked to Liam about his Mickey Mouse bandaid during the softball throw.

Next up was the 100m.

Jesse, again, with his high school running partner.

Getting tips for the long jump.

Heading over to the starting line for the 200.

Lining up for the 400. Anna was pooped by this point.

Heidi finishing strong!

What a fun night!


Heidi turned six-years-old yesterday!

She requested a bird pancake with the words "May" (her birthday month) in pancakes.

She wore this headband to school to accompany her birthday treat.

Anna wouldn't join the girls for a picture, so they snuck up next to her for this capture.

After school, we caught this perfect moment. (When did they all turn from chubby toddlers into kids?)


Before dinner, we marked Heidi's growth on the ruler.

After dinner: dirt dessert!

Later, there was some FaceTiming with aunts/uncles/cousins! First, she chatted with Uncle Derek, Aunt Bethany, and Ellie.

Then she showed Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lauren, Keiper, Kaia, Selah, and Malec her new guitar.

Happy Birthday, Heidi! We love your dimpled smile, abundant energy, contagious laughter, and generous spirit. You always notice people and greet them with a conversation. We love you, Heidi-bear!