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In March, we won a bowling event at bingo, so we cashed in our prize last Sunday.

Our bingo winnings included a pizza and a pitcher of soda. The kids were psyched.

The squeals from Jesse when his pins went down were hilarious.

Hooray for a fun evening of bowling together!

a birthday party at Branchwood

On Anna's birthday, we headed to Branchwood Park for a birthday celebration with friends. The weather forecast was questionable leading up to Thursday, but on Thursday morning, the rain in the forecast was gone. We had a gorgeous day!

Grant and Liam were the early crowd.

So we played and ate and sang with them before they had to leave.

Then, Selah and Cece arrived, and the party started all over.

When Ryder and Brooks and Heidi arrived, we painted a craft gift Anna had received before singing with candles again.

Hooray for cooperative weather to celebrate a birthday!

the newest four-year-old

Anna turned four last week! She started her day with bunny pancakes.

She spent the entire morning at the park with friends. (We'll tell you about that tomorrow.) In the afternoon, Pop-Pop stopped in (no picture of this - sorry!) and Nonna popped in to say Happy Birthday.

Nonna took a family picture of us while she was here.

After she left, Anna opened her gifts. (Packages to Anna Gobanna had arrived just in time!)

We measured Anna at the ruler.

After a dinner of hot dogs, tuna noodle casserole, and lettuce, it was time for dirt dessert.

Oh, Anna, we love your silly faces and theatrical performances. You love all things baby and babies. Your babbling stories and eternal singing are some of my favorite sounds. We love you, Anna! Happy Birthday!


At Big Guy's and Nonna's on Easter, we remembered to take a family picture!

Then, it was time to hunt for some eggs again.

Uncle Austin and Jesse played catch. (Uncle Austin is pretty good.)