The high school hosted a THON event to raise money for pediatric cancer. On Friday night, they invited the community in for games and dancing and fun. They had princesses in costume for photographs and autographs. Our kids may have confused this high school auditorium and atrium with Disney World.

"Jesse, do you want to take a picture with Elsa and Anna?"
"Yes!" [runs and stands in front of Elsa and Anna balloon]

Meanwhile, these three took a picture with the actual Elsa and Anna.

Heidi saw Tiana from across the way and her entire face lit up as she called out, "Tiana!"

Jesse decided he wanted his face painted. Spiderman!

We danced with hula hoops in the cafeteria and jumped in a moon bounce in the hallway and rolled across the gym floor on scooter boards. The kids didn't want to leave.

In a few more blinks, our kids will be the teenagers running the events and dressing as princesses and super heroes for little kids. My heart can't quite handle this growing thing.