fasnacht party

On Tuesday, I whipped up fasnachts for the third year in a row. Our house was busy with friends and neighbors from nine thirty in the morning until bedtime. I was busy dipping dough in sizzling bacon grease and chatting with friends and counting all the pregnant bellies (to anticipate how many babies to expect for fasnachts next year!) that I failed to take more than these three photos.

My friend captured her daughter with Anna hula hooping in the driveway.

The weather this year was insanely springlike for February 28th; our yard looked almost as crowded as a Philadelphia playground. =) We love to see our worlds of school, neighbors, MOPS, family, and church collide in our home on fasnacht day every year!

Next year: February 13th if you need to mark your calendars. Maybe I'll even try to take more than three photos next year, too!