words worth reading

With all the negative and angry news abounding in the mainstream media, there are so many other words worth your reading. Here are two ladies whose words I love to read right now.

Nearly two years ago, I read an article by Claire Gibson. More recently, Claire has written a series of posts about infertility. They are rich - full of raw wrestlings and hard questions and wise insights: part I. part II. part III. One certainly does not need to have personal experience with infertility to appreciate these writings. They are full of truth in the face of any suffering or trial.

I've shared numerous Pinch of Yum recipes here. Recently, Lindsay, the food blogger behind Pinch of Yum, was pregnant and then delivered her son prematurely. She has been blogging the story of their loss, and her words are gifts to fellow grieving mothers as well as gifts to friends and family and caregivers of grieving mothers. part 1. part 2. part 3. part 4. part 5. part 6. part 7. part 8. part 9. part 10.