a baby shower

On Saturday, we showered Aunt Bethany with a celebration for the baby in her belly. We used the cafe space at the school/church where my mom teaches.

Menu: soups and salads, bread, cheese.

Look at adorable little Bethany.

The girls were ready for the presents

with their bingo cards (and m&m markers) in hand.

Bethany's sister-in-law who lives in Nevada made this blanket; she matched our shower colors so well.

"Well, don't we look adorable." - Heidi

Their baby cousin!

Some of baby's grandparents.

Aunts with the Mama.

We love the baby in your belly, and we love you, Bethany! Whenever you need me, I'll be ready on Sunday mornings for newborn snuggles. (I'm also available other times; it's just convenient we go to the same church.) (Derek, we love you, too, and thanks for picking this fine lady to be your baby mama.)