tourists in Philadelphia

On Friday, Pop-Pop and Nana took us to Philadelphia via the train for some holiday fun!

Here we are!

Our first stop: Macy's light show.

We had to wait outside until it opened for the ten o'clock show. (We've never had to do that before, so who knows why that was different this year.)

(Some of our Philly friends were there, too!)

The show shut off at the Sugar Plum Fairy and had to start over (after a delay). (We've never had that happen before either.)

 After a longer-than-usual light show, we needed a food stop.

We introduced Pop-Pop and Nana to Federal Donuts!

With our bellies full of warm donuts, we trekked to the Comcast Center next for their Holiday Spectacular on their wall of screens.

It was crazy crowded.

Then we wandered by the ice skating rink at Dilworth Park to watch the ice skaters.

Finally, we circled back to our starting point: Jefferson Station (Market East).

On the train again!

"Hewo, Lydia." Jesse being silly.

Thank you, Pop-Pop and Nana, for such a fun day in the city!