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recipes worth sharing

Going forward, I'm editing the titles of these recipe posts from "favorite recipes" to "recipes worth sharing" because they're not always my favorite, but they are worth sharing. Staying the same: the images belong to the blogger of the recipe as identified below each image.

Simply Scratch: homemade naan
Since I love making homemade pitas, I figured it was high time I try out some homemade naan. I thought this recipe was good the first time, but we wanted the naan salty on its own. The second time I added one teaspoon of salt to the dough. That did the trick. I made this recipe for our Indian friends over the weekend, and as two of them were once immigrants from India (they are now American citizens), I figured their opinion would be a valid review. They wanted the recipe, so I say this one is a keeper!

image: Simply Scratch
How Sweet It Is: Smokey Roasted Chicken Tacos with Spicy Goat Cheese Queso
These were quick and simple and delicious: my kind of dinner.

Eric Peters (online!) concert: tonight!

I used to orchestrate and also deliver meals to families of new babies at our church in Nashville. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was often dropping off meals to talented musicians all over the city. In 2009, I brought a meal to the Peters family in East Nashville when they had their second child. Eric Peters was one of those talented musicians I met during a meal drop off in the muddle of sleepless living with a newborn.

We really want to bring Eric into town for a house show, but we have been unable to orchestrate the details as of this point. That's the bad news. The good news is that tonight (Monday) at 8pm EST, you can tune in online for an Eric Peters concert in the comfort of your own home. Snuggle on your couch with a hot drink and a blanket and use your SmartTV (or AppleTV or Chromecast or whatever you use) to enjoy the beautiful voice and musical talents of Eric Peters on your television (or other device of your choosing) in your own living room.

We participated in the…


I was looking at picture books with Anna and Jesse, and I came across this photo of Heidi and Kaia (Bethany's bridal shower: April 2014)

which reminded me of this photo (Rachel's wedding: September 2016).



The photographer at my sister's wedding - Sarah Brookhart Photography - posted her 2016 year in review - weddings blog post where she says, "After sorting through thousands (and thousands and thousands) of images, I've collected my favorites. These 168 favorite photos . . . "

I scrolled (and scrolled and scrolled) and happened upon this.

I love this man who makes me laugh like this.

(And, hello, Ryan and Lauren in the background!)

professional wedding photos: flower girls


family self portrait

Anna is drawing more and more. This is our family, by Anna. From left to right: Heidi, Daddy, Anna, Lydia, Mama, Jesse. I particularly love the hair on the females, the yoga warrior arms, and the shoes.


We hosted this cutie (and his mama) last week.

Anna (still) loves babies.

Jesse thought Malec needed toys - lots of toys.

Malec was unsure about this alternative feeding source.

We spent a lot of time snuggling.

We love you, Malec. Thanks for hanging out with us! (Lauren, we love you, too, and we had fun with you, too. Sorry you didn't make it into any photos. Oops.)


These are my kids - all four of them are somewhere on the couch.

a prayer

I love our church in Nashville. I regularly listen to their sermon podcasts, and one of the pastors (Elliott Cherry) prays this prayer before he preaches. Maybe it's a common prayer somewhere, but I don't know what it's called. Nonetheless, I love it, and I wanted to write it down for myself.

"Would you take your word and apply it to our heads that we would not grow shallow.
Would you take your word and apply it to our hearts that we would not grow cold.
Would you take your word and apply it to our feet that we would not just be hearers of your word but doers also.
Save us from ourselves, Jesus.
It's in your name and only because of your name that we can ask anything from our Father, and so we do so with great confidence. Amen."

spotlight student

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I was the Spotlight Student the first week of January. When you are the Spotlight Student, you get to choose someone to read to the class. I brought in Big Guy.

I got to sit on the chair next to him. When he read the story, he did silly voices.

I love you, Big Guy! Thanks for coming to my class!

[Photos from Heidi's kindergarten teacher!]

Let Freedom Ring! at Green Lane Park

This year, we tried a local spot for our attempt at our MLK tradition - Green Lane Park. We hiked the Hemlock Point Trail, figuring we'd find a good spot to read the end of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

Parts of the water were frozen enough that we could stand on the ice.

We found a great spot to shout.

Anyone want to join us next year? (I'll try to get my act together for a group event next year?)

a protégé

With three girls, we generate a rather large pile of hand-me-downs. Fortunately, we know two little girls who love our style. Pictured here is one of them (Adelyn) wearing some of Anna's favorites.

family Christmas selfie

I forgot we took this on Christmas with a selfie stick. Here we all are (minus Malec - he was asleep under the desk).

baby smitten

We stayed with one of my cousins over the weekend. They have a newborn in the house, and Heidi was smitten. (Jesse kept calling her Malec because all babies are Malec to him right now.) One night, Heidi fed her a bottle,

 helped change her diaper, and then dressed her in her pajamas.

Props to Adam and April for hosting a family of six with a newborn in the house. Thank you so much for having us!


guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, Anna, & Jesse

- - -

We had a two-hour delay on Friday which gave us just enough time to sleep in and then sled in some fresh snow. Plus, we tried our our new goggles.