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cow appreciation day: 2017

On Tuesday, July 11th, we dressed like cows and headed to Chick-fil-A for dinner! This year we brought some of our cousins along!

I promise Aaron was dressed like a cow; we just were late at getting the picture.

We found a dabbing cow, too.

creek: week 5

We were out of town on Monday, so we skipped week four at the creek, but we returned for week five with more friends joining us. Nonna brought Keiper, Kaia, and Selah, and my friend, Wendy, brought her four kids, too.

Jesse got a new net for his birthday, and he caught a crayfish by himself!

Heidi showed Keiper the cove, and they requested a photo. Here's what they gave me.

Duck-duck-goose at the parking lot.

a picnic and a rainbow

There was a gathering at a campground by a lake with our church on a Saturday in July, so we drove north to check it out.

Jesse loved to walk as deep as he could stand. More than once he was nearly underwater with his hands in the air, still holding his breath (but definitely looking like he was drowning).

As the sun didn't come out, the kids got cold and changed, and we found a playground.

We went home after lunch and some more swimming. Later in the afternoon, we saw this beauty in the sky. As it emerged - we could only see each end at first - we could see the entire rainbow, but I couldn't fit the whole thing in the frame on my phone despite running to the opposite corner of the field across from our house. The rainbow was spectacular. (The pictures are not so much.)

Jesse's 3rd birthday

Even though we were at the mountains and the lake during Jesse's birthday, we finished off his celebrations when we returned home. We had to mark him on the growth ruler.

As Keiper, Kaia, and Selah were staying with Big Guy for almost two weeks, they joined us for a Brothers Pizza birthday dinner with Big Guy and Nonna.

Then we went for ice cream cones at Big Guy's and Nonna's.

Happy Birthday, Jesse! You are a chatty, caring, singing, wrestling boy who loves his sisters. We love you so much!