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Heidi turned six-years-old yesterday!

She requested a bird pancake with the words "May" (her birthday month) in pancakes.

She wore this headband to school to accompany her birthday treat.

Anna wouldn't join the girls for a picture, so they snuck up next to her for this capture.

After school, we caught this perfect moment. (When did they all turn from chubby toddlers into kids?)


Before dinner, we marked Heidi's growth on the ruler.

After dinner: dirt dessert!

Later, there was some FaceTiming with aunts/uncles/cousins! First, she chatted with Uncle Derek, Aunt Bethany, and Ellie.

Then she showed Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lauren, Keiper, Kaia, Selah, and Malec her new guitar.

Happy Birthday, Heidi! We love your dimpled smile, abundant energy, contagious laughter, and generous spirit. You always notice people and greet them with a conversation. We love you, Heidi-bear!

Dustin & Molly wedding

Aaron's cousin, Molly, married Dustin yesterday! She is the last cousin to wed, so this was the last of the weddings for that side of the family.

Time to start the ceremony: the grandparents are being seated.

Mother of the bride.

Who is Kinsey so excited to see?

Aunt Brittany!

The groom seeing his bride.

Mr. & Mrs!

Climbing on Uncle Jon.

Playing duck-duck-goose with cousins.

We took a family picture!

The kids danced and danced at the reception, but the dancing photos from my phone are gone forever because my phone died today. The wedding photographer was taking some (as my kids were the only ones on the dance floor at first). Maybe I'll have to some to share in the future. There was also a family photo taken, so I'll have to try to get my hands on one of those, too.

Congratulations, Dustin and Molly!

kindergarten pickup

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

I'm just waiting for Heidi at the kindergarten pickup door.

Mama says we won't have to do this next year, but for most of my life I have been at these doors at 11:30. What a change that will be!

Smith Playground

On a Tuesday with no school, we returned to the beloved Smith Playground for some giant wooden slide and playground fun.

the rock

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Mondays and Wednesdays, our neighbor watches a little girl. We love to play in the field and on the rock across the street with her.

On the rock, we wave to cars (hoping they will beep) and jump off the rock. I asked my neighbor send these pictures to my mom.

Have you driven by and seen us waving on the rock?

a Mother's Day hike

After church on Sunday, we stopped at Green Lane Park for a hike. We weren't even out of the parking lot, and this kid was finding puddles.

Buttercups galore meant lots of pausing for flower picking.

We rounded a corner and came upon a deer.

We braked for lunch and a photo.

I love wandering fields and forests with these people, but the difficulty of Mother's Day for so many is always heavy for me. Childless mothers and motherless children are heavy on my heart on Mother's Day more than other days. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He rejoices over you with singing. Your are loved.

Field Day

Field Day was last Friday. It was cool and cloudy - compared to the typical hot and humid weather on Field Day - which was lovely for scampering children. It was a bit chilly as a volunteer. Nonetheless, I got to play outside all day with a little pitstop for lunch in the cafeteria.

Here's a blurry photo of Heidi's class.

Heidi and I joined Lydia and her class for lunch where we learned all about eating in the cafeteria.