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Monday hike

Last Monday, after school let out at ten forty-five in the morning, we invited our neighbors to join us for a hike to the creek - this beautiful spot I mentioned last summer.

Working on our crayfish catching.

This spot is so beautiful.

We saw two water snakes (maybe three or was it just the same one we saw again?), a couple toads, and so many crayfish.

We are making this hike a weekly adventure - every Monday so if the weather doesn't cooperate, we have all week to reschedule. Let me know if you want to join us!

swimming with Ellie

On Sunday, we celebrated Uncle Derek's birthday at Big Guy's and Nonna's pool (even though Big Guy and Nonna weren't home). It was Ellie's first dip in the pool!

She also met a set of her great-grandparents and enjoyed a good snooze in Great-Pop-Pop's arms most of the afternoon.

Big cousins love their littlest cousin.

Ellie with two of her potential future babysitters.

We love Ellie!


The shed arrived last Friday!

We saw it roll in while we were eating breakfast.

Here's the before/after.

I spent Friday relocating contents of the garage to the shed.


shed prep

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

Hey, who's making all that noise out here?

It's ready for something, but I just like to do the curb walk in my own yard with my sisters.

last day of school photos

Lydia went to school for a hot second on Monday morning for her last day. Heidi (and the rest of kindergarten) was done on Friday.

Let's rewind. Lydia: first day first grade.

Lydia: last day first grade.

Heidi: first day kindergarten.

Heidi: last day kindergarten.
(Sorry - I didn't get a stand alone shot of Heidi on the last day.)

First Day.

Last Day.

Here's to summer!

last day of school!

Today is the last day of school! Actually, Friday was Heidi's last day.

More importantly, we do not have to show up for kindergarten pickup every day at 1130am until the fall of 2018. Hooray!

This view cracks me up every morning, but we will still get to enjoy it again at the end of August.