Italian Market

We headed to the city - specifically to the Italian Market - to replenish our freezer and pantry (sausage, tortillas, decaf earl gray tea). Our friends needed to go to the Italian Market, too. They can walk from their house, but since it was seventeen degrees and we were already driving there, we gave them a lift.

Buying sausage.

I love this store: Fante's. I could easily drop a fortune in this place (but I stuck to my list).

If you love tea, there are a few options here, too.

After our Italian Market shopping, we went back to our friends' house to make caramel popcorn for their party and play with all their Snoopy toys. (Jesse currently loves all things Peanuts.) This Snoopy cup lit up and sang.

Thanks for having us, Miles and Stella (and Leah)!