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a birthday

On my birthday (the day after Christmas), Aaron and I took this gang on a walkabout.

We got very cold on our walkabout, so we came home to warm up by the fire with some Charlie Brown Christmas and hot chocolate (with itty bitty marshmallows, of course).

Jesse took a long nap as a birthday present to me, and he missed this photo.

Christmas: afternoon

On Christmas Day, we went to Big Guy's and Nonna's in the afternoon. It was so nice out - especially compared to the dreary, rainy Christmas Eve. We played some football.

We taught Aunt Rachel how to make mashed potatoes and munched on treats from Nonna's cheese and charcuterie board.

When little kid naps and football outside ended, the kids remembered the Christmas waiting inside.

I was distracted from present photos because of this little man: Malec's first Christmas at eleven days old!

Firstborns are rarely alone; fourth-borns just need a quiet place to rest. #wheresmalec

Christmas: morning

On Christmas Day, we headed to Pop-Pop's and Nana's for brunch.

our Christmas tablecloth

After finding new markers in our Christmas stockings, we returned to the table to trace our hands on the tablecloth.

For two months, Anna has been practicing how to write her name in preparation for the tablecloth.

She kept running out of room, but she eventually got two Ns and two As together on the same line.

I promise Jesse is on there; we didn't get a picture as I was holding his hand while Aaron traced.

Marker hands!

Ready to sew.

We hung out the rest of the day until our Christmas Eve service. This is the best I could capture while supervising a two-year-old and a three-year-old with fire and hot, drippy wax.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

We treated Christmas Eve like Christmas morning in our house.

This little guy enjoyed some hot chocolate while we waited for his sisters to wake up.

Time for breakfast!

This year, as Heidi's kindergarten class has been doing everything gingerbread, we did gingerbread pancakes. (As I was making them, Aaron looked over and said, "What are those supposed to be?" whereas Heidi took one glance and shouted, "Those are great gingerbread men, mom!")

Heidi gave hers a scarf (and took this photo).

With full bellies, we migrated to the living room.

The kids have been stashing presents for each other under the tree all month: crafts and lego creations and coloring pages.

Aprons all around.

New bath towels and seats for the doll strollers.