Camp Men-O-Lan Harvest Fest

On Saturday, Camp Men-O-Lan held its annual Harvest Fest. We have never been until this year. We found some of our favorite people upon arrival. Aunt Bethany's brother is the director of the camp, so we were not surprised to see Uncle Derek and her hanging out with their nephew, Liam.

Lydia and Heidi found a face painting and craft table.

Meanwhile, the boys checked out the fire trucks.

Lydia and Heidi found another craft table.

The rest of us visited some animals - a porcupine, skunk, snake, fox, turtle. (The porcupine scaled the fence and escaped at one point.)

Once the girls were done crafting, we wandered down to the water.

Some of us took a paddle boat ride. (Photo by Anna.)

We ate some dinner and found some more of our favorite friends on a rock.

We totally missed the hayride; maybe we will do that part next year!