101 (or just four) Dalmations

Lydia and Heidi still wanted to do a family costume for Halloween, so we are fueling their enthusiasm for as long as it will last! This year they decided on 101 Dalmations - except Lydia did not want anyone to be Cruella. So Aaron and I did our best to look like Roger and Anita during our trick-or-treating on Monday.

We started at the neighbor's.

Then we headed back home to pick up Roger.

We stopped at Pop-Pop's and Nana's.

Then we landed at Big Guy's and Nonna's for dinner and then to trick-or-treat around their neighborhood.

Just as normal puppies do, they tangled themselves in their leashes.

Fortunately, these puppies are free to wander without leashes, so our trick-or-treating was less tangled.