#2JaysInLove wedding

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

When we arrived at the wedding of Mama's cousin, Janelle, and her husband, Jay, we immediately saw some of our favorite people!

We watched the cows.

Then we waited for the ceremony to begin.

(No photos allowed during the ceremony.)

After the ceremony, we found our seats.

We found some more of our favorite people.

We ate some food.

We gave hugs to the father of the bride - Uncle Rick.

We failed at a family photo.

(We went on a hayride.) We visited the cows again.

We flew in the air.

We rolled down the hill.

We took a family photo and then chatted with the family. (The photographer took the photo, so I cannot show you that now.)

We giggled with Uncle Walt. (Big Guy has great brothers.)

We visited the cows yet again.

We found the photo booth.

We also found the dance floor.

Congratulations, Jay and Janelle! Thanks for inviting us to join your celebration!