Austin and Rachel wedding

My sister, Rachel, married Austin on Friday. Both Aaron and I were in the wedding as were all four of our kids. I didn't want to be that bridesmaid holding a camera in the professional photos. I also couldn't really herd children and tend to the bride and take pictures anyway. Therefore, I am relying on the professional photographer to produce the goods (which she absolutely will because she's amazing). I pulled my camera out at the park when the photographer took the bride and groom away for some posed family shots, and that was about it.

Flower girls getting ready!

Here comes the party bus.

Party bus!

The bride and groom with the flower girls and ring bearers.


Ryan and Lauren, Keiper, Kaia, Selah.

Aaron and me. Lydia, Heidi, Anna, Jesse.

Big Guy and Nonna. Lydia, Keiper, Heidi, Kaia, Anna, Jesse, Selah.

Aaron and me.

Ryan and Lauren.

Derek and Bethany.

Matt and Kristen. (Their childhood best friends married each other. How often does that happen?)

Dad and Mom.

Austin's dad and mom.

Since I knew I wouldn't get a picture of the bride and groom, I took this one.

The photographer was taking this one. (I told you she is amazing.)
 [above image: Sarah Brookhart Photography]

First dance.

Time to dance.

Cousins dancing. (Drew and Ashley's photo)

I'll be sure to direct you to the professional photos if/when she posts some on her blog or Facebook page. (I'm so excited to see them!)

Congratulations, Austin and Rachel! Hope you're enjoying your honeymoon!!! We love you!