a girls weekend at the lake

My sister is getting married (!), so we gathered the females on my mom's side of the family for a weekend at the lake (where my Aunt Laura graciously hosted us).

I put myself on breakfast duty (my favorite job), so I prepped this for the first time. (It was a hit.)

After some relaxing down by the water in the warm sun, we took the bride-to-be out for some lunch at a local winery - Bully Hill Vineyards.

The view was spectacular (and the food was delicious).

Thank you, random vehicle in the parking lot, for provided a ledge for the camera self-timer.

Lauren, Mom, Rachel, Bethany, me. Sunglasses.

No sunglasses.

Grandma joined us for the adventures at the vineyards.

Aunt Laura, Ashley, Rachel, April, Nicole. (We missed you Kristina!)

We headed to Hunt Country Vineyards for wine tasting.

Mom and Aunt Laura don't like goat cheese, so I got extra. Yum.

Don't mind that pastor's wife in the corner with the box of wine . . .

We celebrated into the evening with dinner at this delicious spot in Hammondsport (Timber Stone Grill) and games and gifts back at the cabin. (Sorry - blurry photo.)

I think everyone declared a girls weekend at the lake a yearly event, so maybe we will be back next year?