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favorite recipes

I was sure I had multiple new recipes to share with you, but when I sat down to look for them, I realized most were lame - not yummy enough to repeat let alone share with you. I do have one you need to try - especially if you do not typically like pork chops because they are too dry. As per usual, the photos belong to the blogger of the recipe as identified below each image.

Mel's Kitchen Cafe: Tender Grilled Pork Chops
I'm spoiled. My mile-down-the-road-neighbor lives on a farm. Sometimes she brings me treats: whole chickens, pork chops. The pork chops I made for this recipe were bone-in, but the post is for boneless. Either will work - and be delicious. I followed the directions for copycat Montreal Steak Seasoning. As I said before, these were anything but dry. They were so yummy.
image: Mel's Kitchen Cafe
How Sweet It Is: Avocado, Bacon and Egg Toast with Quick Tomato Jam
Earlier this month, I wanted to feed the girls at the lake a restaurant-worthy breakfast. This did…

on a walk

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

Yesterday, we walked to the playground. Anna wore my hat.

When we got there, I put my hat back on.

After some playing, it was time to walk home again.

I kicked my baby out of the stroller. I needed to put rocks there instead.

morning after

We needed some breakfast the morning after the wedding, so all the out-of-town guests (cousins!) met at the local breakfast place. The bride and groom were hungry, too.

Then we helped load their car and sent them on their way. So long, honeymooners!

Austin and Rachel wedding

My sister, Rachel, married Austin on Friday. Both Aaron and I were in the wedding as were all four of our kids. I didn't want to be that bridesmaid holding a camera in the professional photos. I also couldn't really herd children and tend to the bride and take pictures anyway. Therefore, I am relying on the professional photographer to produce the goods (which she absolutely will because she's amazing). I pulled my camera out at the park when the photographer took the bride and groom away for some posed family shots, and that was about it.

Flower girls getting ready!

Here comes the party bus.

Party bus!

The bride and groom with the flower girls and ring bearers.


Ryan and Lauren, Keiper, Kaia, Selah.

Aaron and me. Lydia, Heidi, Anna, Jesse.

Big Guy and Nonna. Lydia, Keiper, Heidi, Kaia, Anna, Jesse, Selah.

Aaron and me.

Ryan and Lauren.

Derek and Bethany.

Matt and Kristen. (Their childhood best friends married each other. How often does that happen?)

Dad and Mo…

wedding rehearsal

On Thursday, we attended the wedding rehearsal.

Then it was time for dinner!

Big day coming up.

wedding day

Today my sister marries this awesome man - Uncle Austin (as four of my favorite people in the world call him).

Here's to a fun-filled day!

for the joy of human love

Friends who've walked the ugly road of delivering a stillborn baby tell me that pictures are treasures for them. On Monday, I attempted to give my friend that gift - photos of the time she held her baby on this side of heaven.

The sorrow and sadness of losing a child was suffocatingly heavy at times, but the joy of human love among the grieving family was palpable and rich. I was honored to bear witness to their time together and capture those moments for them to hold in their grief.
For the joy of human love
Brother, sister, parent child
Friends on earth and friends above,
For all gentle thoughts and mild.
Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise.

more outside

We love the cooler evenings outside.

Anna took this photo: