the house at the beach

Because we love (and need) to eat, we spent some time indoors as well, preparing and eating meals.

Of course, we stayed up late to watch the Olympics.

The couch was empty the first two days,

but it filled quickly.

This book reappeared.

But behind all the smiles and fun, this was happening. (Nevermind Jesse in this photo. He threw up on Monday night, so by the time Anna got it on Thursday, he was on the mend, chowing down on popcorn.)

By Friday morning, six out of the seven kids had fevers, and all but two were puking. (Thank you, Peanuts Movie, Finding Nemo, Daniel Tiger, the Olympics (and ibuprofen and acetaminophen) for helping us distract feverish children.)

Instead of hanging around until Saturday as originally planned, we abruptly left on Friday morning. Big Guy looked at pictures with the kids while we packed.

So long, Wildwood!