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Wikipedia - the source of all knowledge and truth - tells me, "In agriculture, a bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest. A bumper crop can also be a source of problems, such as when there is insufficient storage space for an overlarge crop." I would like to add a problem to the list: when the harvester is tired of sweating in a steamy kitchen with boiling water baths and an abundance of towels soaked with tomato juices. Our bumper crop of tomatoes is keeping me busy in the kitchen - but I'm not really making too many recipes. Dinner has been quick and easy off the grill because the stovetop is buried. I try to relocate it before bed every night for breakfast in the morning, but by dinner time prep, I've lost it again. I'm also still looking for a salsa recipe. We've been eating pico de gallo on the regular, but we don't like any of the salsa recipes we've tried enough to can them. I still have tomatoes coming, so I still have time, sort of. Anyway, on with the recipes. The photos belong to the blogger as identified below each post.

Simply Scratch: Easy Homemade Sour & Spicy Dill Pickle Spears
We had a lot of cucumbers, and I finally found a pickle recipe we like. Crisp and crunchy - and a bit spicy. They taste similar to those kosher pickles from the barrel at the grocery store. If you like those, try these. I didn't can them; they're in the fridge. I do not like soggy pickles. Next year, I'll experiment and see if canning them makes them too soggy.
image: Simply Scratch

A Spicy Perspective: Chimichurri Tomato Salad
Because, tomatoes. My dad loved this. Mine was colorful because it had red and yellow tomatoes.
image: A Spicy Perspective

Simply Scratch: Sun-dried Tomato + Italian Herb Grilled Chicken
I couldn't keep up with the cherry tomatoes, so I turned to the dehydrator (borrowed from my mother-in-law). I now have a lot of sun-dried tomatoes. My dad also loved this. (It's a big deal when my dad really loves my new recipe attempts. I had two wins in one meal with the tomato chimichurri salad and this chicken.)
image: Simply Scratch

How Sweet It is: White Pizza with Garlic Sauce and Garden Herbs
I forgot the burrata, so I'll just have to make it again. (When we do pizza in the summer, we use the grill. The oven makes the house too warm. We grilled the dough and then slopped the toppings on the grilled dough at the grill. It was ready in five minutes.) I actually make a normal pizza for the kids because I didn't want to share this one (and the recipe wouldn't make enough to feed all of us - large family problems). But Heidi wanted to taste it, and she liked it. =)
image: How Sweet It Is

Now that school is started, I'm trying to get my act together with meals again as we settle back into routines. Hopefully I'll have some more recipes I found to share next month!