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favorite recipes

Wikipedia - the source of all knowledge and truth - tells me, "In agriculture, a bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest. A bumper crop can also be a source of problems, such as when there is insufficient storage space for an overlarge crop." I would like to add a problem to the list: when the harvester is tired of sweating in a steamy kitchen with boiling water baths and an abundance of towels soaked with tomato juices. Our bumper crop of tomatoes is keeping me busy in the kitchen - but I'm not really making too many recipes. Dinner has been quick and easy off the grill because the stovetop is buried. I try to relocate it before bed every night for breakfast in the morning, but by dinner time prep, I've lost it again. I'm also still looking for a salsa recipe. We've been eating pico de gallo on the regular, but we don't like any of the salsa recipes we've tried enough to can them. I still have tomatoes coming, so I stil…

kindergarten orientation

Yesterday, Heidi and I headed to school for kindergarten orientation.

We headed to Heidi's classroom where we did a scavenger hunt together.

Heidi is at the blue table.

We practiced maneuvering into and out of the bathroom with the really heavy door.

Each kindergartener took a picture with this frame. (I wonder what the teachers will do with this!)

We checked out a school bus.

Now Heidi is ready for kindergarten.

Can you believe it?!

first day of school: round one

(We spent the weekend at the mountains for our annual visit to the Harford Fair, but I'm keeping the blog real time for these first few days of school. We will report on the fair later this week.)

This morning, Lydia started first grade, so it's back to the morning routine at the bus stop (the driveway). 

I don't think she's excited at all.

Still waiting for the bus.

Here it comes!

Off to school!

Heidi had kindergarten orientation this morning, so she didn't ride the bus today. But tomorrow, she'll be boarding the bus with Lydia!

Anna's first haircut

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

School starts Monday, so Mama said we needed to get rid of our summer hair - meaning the dry ends from our hours and hours spent in the pool.

So to the salon we went!

Lydia went first.

I've never gotten my hair cut, but Amanda always curls my sisters' hair for them when they get hair cuts. My sisters love it, so I was pretty excited for this part.

Heidi was up next.

I went last; I opted out of the hair washing.

Amanda (or her cousin, Hannah) is doing our hair for Aunt Rachel's wedding in a month, so we will see her again very soon!

baby holders

We met a little baby named Adelyn in early 2015, and on Monday, we met Adelyn's sister, Olivia.

(Jesse was not interested in holding the baby.)

a party

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

There was a birthday party for our cousins on Saturday.

The trampoline made an appearance.

Jesse couldn't handle the trampoline rules, so he did his tricks in the pool.

Happy (belated and early) birthdays, Keiper, Kaia, and Selah!

the house at the beach

Because we love (and need) to eat, we spent some time indoors as well, preparing and eating meals.

Of course, we stayed up late to watch the Olympics.

The couch was empty the first two days,

but it filled quickly.

This book reappeared.

But behind all the smiles and fun, this was happening. (Nevermind Jesse in this photo. He threw up on Monday night, so by the time Anna got it on Thursday, he was on the mend, chowing down on popcorn.)

By Friday morning, six out of the seven kids had fevers, and all but two were puking. (Thank you, Peanuts Movie, Finding Nemo, Daniel Tiger, the Olympics (and ibuprofen and acetaminophen) for helping us distract feverish children.)

Instead of hanging around until Saturday as originally planned, we abruptly left on Friday morning. Big Guy looked at pictures with the kids while we packed.

So long, Wildwood!