Rachel's bridal shower brunch

On Saturday, we threw the bride-to-be, my sister, Rachel, a bridal shower brunch in my parent's backyard.

We rented a tent, so while it was blazing hot in the sunshine, the tent offered relief on the green grass.

I failed to take a photo of the mimosa bar equipped with the juice and champagne. Whoops. Here it is in its pre-party state.

The photo booth was hopping.

These balloons . . . during party prep on Friday, the "L" blew away, and the "E" popped during inflation. The groom's parents came to the rescue with a last minute visit to Party City for replacements. Phew.

(We had to relocate/pivot the food tables out of the sun.)

Flower girls (minus one).

Bride + Bridesmaids.

Bride + Bridesmaids + Flower Girls (missing Selah who was napping).

Friends since middle school.

Mom + Bride.

Sisters (me hiding Anna's pouty face).


Opening gifts.

Asking the bride questions previously asked to the groom - and projecting the video onto the tent ceiling.

It was definitely hot. These girls did what everyone else wished they could do. (Or maybe just what I wished I could do.)

Bride + Grandmother.


Sisters + Mom.

Bride + (future)-Mother-in-Law.

Austin + the ladies.


Clean-up crew.

A post-shower downpour.

We loved celebrating you, Rachel! We are so excited for you as you prepare for this new season of life. !!!!!!!

(And now I have to go look at my wedding to-do list now that my shower to-do list is out of the way.)