garden update

I consistently tell you about planting our garden and then generally fail to tell you anything else about it. Here's a little garden update.

We started with this back in May.

Now we are looking at this.

This is the best our peppers have ever looked. (They're loaded, too.)

The tomatoes are everywhere. Still green - but abundant.

We have some broccoli that looks like heads.

Then there is this broccoli that never became a head - it immediately flowered.

The green onions look like green onions!

The beetles are everywhere. They like the zinnias, which still flower despite the beetles. The girls are already clipping them for flower arrangements; I currently have a whole bouquet on the table.

There are at least forty butternut squash out there. Last year, I kept them in the garage and used them all winter.

The raspberries are done now, but they were delicious two weeks ago.

The cucumbers are out of control; I cannot give them away fast enough. The cauliflower and Brussels Sprout plants look good, but they don't have any heads or sprouts yet.

Something (the deer) chomped at our peas, but there are still some coming here and there.

The cilantro used to be in full sun, and it flowered by the end of June. So I re-planted cilantro by the back door where they get morning sun and then shade all afternoon, and they haven't bolted - yet. Fingers crossed they are still around when the tomatoes and jalapeƱos are in for pico de gallo.

This is our third year with our own garden, and it's amazing how much I learn just by planting seeds and reading the back of the seed packet and then watching them grow - or not grow - or grow and do weird things - or grow and die. Google helps me learn some of those "whys" as well as casual conversations with friends and random strangers. I get to learn alongside my kids (who are also more eager to eat things out of our garden than they might otherwise be).

Do you have a garden? What are you favorite things to plant/harvest/eat?


  1. Garden looks great and I am sure the kids are enjoying picking everything. Now is the time to plant fall crops - broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beets, lettuce, spinach.


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