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favorite recipes

July is when our garden starts kicking into gear, so I've been revisiting the new recipes I discovered last summer. Therefore, I only have two new ones for you here this month. As always, the photos belong to the blogger as identified below each post.

Simply Scratch: Homemade Blueberry Muffins
We picked blueberries earlier this month, and Heidi requested blueberry muffins. These were delicious. The sugar in the raw on top provided the perfect crunch.
image: Simply Scratch
The Pioneer Woman: Grilled Zucchini with Yummy Lemon Salt
It's zucchini season, so we add this as a side to various meals to keep up with the steady supply.
image: The Pioneer Woman
Do you have any favorite garden recipes on your summer menu?

one decade

Ten years ago, these two babies got married.

Last weekend, we partied at Aaron's cousin's wedding. We had no responsibilities at this wedding: we were guests to the fullest. We celebrated and laughed and danced and photo-boothed.

What do I say to recognize ten years with this guy? Those vows we exchanged ten years ago sound fuller and richer (and even scarier) now than they did then.

"I take you to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until we are parted by death; as God as my witness, I give you my promise."

I choose you: Happy Anniversary, Aaron!

(Nine. EightSevenSixFiveFour.)

slip and slide

Pop-Pop and Nana gave Jesse a slip and slide for his birthday. We've been using it to cope with this heat wave.

Thanks, Pop-Pop and Nana!

in the pool

After the bridal shower the weekend before last, we spent the afternoon in the pool.

Selah turned into a fish.

Even Beau got to swim.

The boys played pool basketball - which is more or less a wrestling match in the water which results in a lot of splashing.

There were lots of tricks being performed.

Hello, little towel burrito.

garden update

I consistently tell you about planting our garden and then generally fail to tell you anything else about it. Here's a little garden update.

We started with this back in May.

Now we are looking at this.

This is the best our peppers have ever looked. (They're loaded, too.)

The tomatoes are everywhere. Still green - but abundant.

We have some broccoli that looks like heads.

Then there is this broccoli that never became a head - it immediately flowered.

The green onions look like green onions!

The beetles are everywhere. They like the zinnias, which still flower despite the beetles. The girls are already clipping them for flower arrangements; I currently have a whole bouquet on the table.

There are at least forty butternut squash out there. Last year, I kept them in the garage and used them all winter.

The raspberries are done now, but they were delicious two weeks ago.

The cucumbers are out of control; I cannot give them away fast enough. The cauliflower and Brussels Sprout plan…

Moyer 5K

Last Wednesday, we ran the Moyer 5K and fun run again. This time, Lydia and Heidi ran the fun run without me.

Check out the beaming smiles on the left border of this photo. photo: Moyer Indoor Outdoor
Approaching the finish line!

photo: Moyer Indoor Outdoor
High fives all around.

And popsicles, too.

Time for the 5K. Can you find us (Austin, Rachel, and me)?
photo: Moyer Indoor Outdoor 
photo: Moyer Indoor Outdoor
Our cheering squad.

I totally missed the high fives from my kids. Mom fail. Austin and Rachel were in my line of vision that I couldn't see the kids until I was past them. I was also very distracted by my out of running shape state and getting to that upcoming finish line.

This makes me look fast. (Thanks, Aaron!)

The runners!

Lurking in the background of this photo.
photo: Moyer Indoor Outdoor