swim lessons

We did a week of swimming lessons at one of the local pools last week. When we went to sign up, Anna was so excited: she cried that we couldn't actually swim that day. She talked about the lessons all weekend and jumped right in on Monday. On Tuesday, she no longer wanted to participate, and her teacher, Chloe, coaxed her (and Jesse) into the water. But Chloe spent the next two days with a screaming toddler on her hip. God bless Chloe.

Lydia and Heidi continued to become more like fish with their basically private lessons as they were the only kids in their class. (Winning!)

Heidi loved the slide. No goggles allowed, so Lydia only went once.

On the last day, Anna even went on the slide in the baby pool.

Of course, we can't forget my trusty sidekick (who only stayed dry on the first day).