After a very rainy May, Aaron rototilled the garden, and I weeded out the abundant thistles. A clean pile of wood pallets and raspberry bushes enveloped our blanket canvas of dirt.

We were ready to plant, and on Saturday morning, we did just that.

This year's plants (from Pop-Pop's greenhouse): tomatoes (plum, regular, cherry, grape), peppers (yellow, red, green, jalapeno, banana), Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber. We planted from seed: sugar snap peas, green onions, butternut squash, and an abundance of flowers picked by the girls (zinnias, alyssum, baby's breath, sweet peas). Our herb garden reproduced its own cilantro and parsley, so we threw down some basil and thyme seeds as well.

Our struggle is against the deer. And the thistles. And those groundhogs that live under our neighbor's shed. I'm trying to train Jesse to pee around the perimeter of the garden as a deterrent to the deer, but I'm not doing very well at training him to pee anywhere.