calling all party animals

We had Heidi's birthday party yesterday! (At Branchwood, of course!)

Heidi borrowed Anna's zebra mask for the party animal theme. She topped the dirt dessert with the mini animal crackers. (I just now realized the striped dirt dessert fit with some of the zebra decor. Unintentionally winning with Heidi's dessert choice.)

It was very windy, so our decor had a mind of its own.

Painting the balloons as tigers, zebras, and cheetahs was very messy in the wind, so after one set, I quit. We went with the candy corn look instead. =)

We brought some stuffed animals to the playground with us. The pink tiger kept the binoculars from blowing away.

Jesse helped set up, too.

Apparently, the animals needed party hats.

Taking the animals for a spin while waiting for the party guests.

How many animals can we fit in the swing?

I hid the animals on the playground.

Then Heidi and her friends went on a safari to find them.

Then they spent the rest of the time hiding them for each other. (Who know stuffed animals at a playground could be so endlessly fun and entertaining?)

Of course, we had to eat!

Heidi and some of her favorites.

Thanks for celebrating with us, party animals!