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mini bounce house

(Disclaimer: if you're looking for a recipe post today, I do not have one this month as I don't have any new finds to share. It was a slow month in the kitchen around here. Hopefully next month I'll have a better report as I'm trying a few new recipes this week!)

Our Memorial Day weekend was full of playing outside. On Friday, we went to a party: sprinklers and a mini bounce house.

field trip

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Mama tagged along with my class for my first field trip. We went fishing!

After I learned about fishing poles, I threaded my worm onto the hook: like putting a sock on your foot they told me.

I am unimpressed with my first catch.

I liked this spot in the shade.

Here's the last fish I caught.

I caught three fish. I hope I can fish at the lake this summer! But I guess I need a fishing rod first. (Zak: do you have one I can borrow?)

softball sidelines

guest blogger: Anna

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When Big Guy's softball games are at home, we bring toys along.

Someone else shared his lawn mower with us. We were impressed.

Of course Jesse found a dog!

pool opening

On Friday, we helped Big Guy and Nonna open the pool.

Good-bye, pool cover.

Ladder installation crew.

By Wednesday afternoon, the heat and humidity begged us to jump in.

Once again, you'll find us here every Sunday afternoon this summer (and most days in between as well).

a last dinner

Elisabeth was here last night for our monthly dinner date. However, this dinner was our last one before she moves to California in seventeen days! We will see her once more at her goodbye party in June, but this was her last visit to our house. Elisabeth, we will surely miss you, but we are so excited for your next adventure.

Thank you for loving our family so well, friend!


guest blogger: Heidi

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I turned five on Sunday! It was such a fun day!