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Here's my recipe rundown for April! Except the weather is really confusing me. I wanted to try an iced hot chocolate recipe yesterday, but instead, I made hot hot chocolate because it was damp and cold. My girls told me the house smelled like Christmas.

I made a bunch of our favorite staples for dinner this past month, and the new recipes I did try weren't impressive enough to share. So I don't have new main dish recipes to share with you today. So here's what we ate for dinner this past month if you need some inspiration: honey chipotle chicken bowls - chicken and black bean enchilada casserole - fattoush salad (grilled za'atar chicken thighshomemade rustic pita bread) - BBQ chicken quinoa salad - southwestern brown rice bowl - chipotle chicken fajita rice bowl

I may have made too many bowls in April. Anyway, here's what I do have to share. The photos belong to the respective bloggers as identified below each image. Oh wait: I think they all belong to Simply Scratch. No surprises there.

Simply Scratch: Banana Bread with Streusel Topping 
The truth is that I haven't made the streusel topping yet. I've only made the banana bread and inserted chocolate chips into the batter. One of these days, I'll make the streusel topping, but in the meantime, this banana bread recipe is perfect. I just made a loaf this morning.
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Homemade Yellow Cake Mix AND Homemade Yellow Cake
I find food dyes to be obnoxious. I just want a yellow cake: why is there Yellow 5 Lake and Red 40 Lake in the ingredient list? This recipe solves that problem. It's very simple and uses staple pantry ingredients. It's just two separate blog posts because one makes the cake mix, and the other adds the wet ingredients. (Just print the two recipes front and back like I did, and you'll have it in one spot. Unless your recipes are all on Pinterest - in which case I cannot help you.) I shared a yellow cake recipe on here already, but this one is better. This is the yellow cake mix I now use to make my cake balls and my coffee cake. (Oh - I've never posted the coffee cake recipe? My apologies. I'll post it below.)
image: Simply Scratch

image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Za'atar + Roasted Garlic Hummus
I don't know why it took me so long to make my own hummus. With a food processor, it really is very simple. (The hardest part is cleaning the food processor.) I don't buy tahini: I just buy sesame seeds from the bulk foods section, toast them in a skillet, and grind them up in the food processor before adding the chickpeas. This particular hummus recipe requires that homemade Za'atar (which I made for those delicious chicken thighs where I had to trek to Philadelphia to track down ground sumac). (You can find ground sumac online, too; you don't have to trek to a city like a crazy person (me).) If you haven't made those chicken thighs yet, you really should. I've made them at least six times since sharing that recipe with you; in fact, I just made them last week, and I already want to make them again. Back to the hummus: this hummus is good.
image: Simply Scratch

Coffee Cake
Disclaimer: this is not a healthy coffee cake by any means.
Make the yellow cake (recipe above) in a large bar pan, but modify the cooking time as below. (I use the Pampered Chef large bar pan which measures 10"x15-1/2"x1".) Bake the cake for twenty minutes. While the cake is cooking, make the crumb topping:
3 cups flour
1 cup brown sugar
2-1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1-1/2 cups butter (GULP), room temperature
2-1/2 teaspoons vanilla
Mix ingredients together and refrigerate. When the cake is done baking for twenty minutes, remove the cake from the oven, and crumble topping onto top of cake. Return the cake to the oven for another twenty minutes. When cool, sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

What delicious meals have you discovered recently?