Ataulfo mangos

We are over halfway into our third case of these beauties.

Apparently, Whole Foods is one of the few grocery stores to sell champagne mangos (or Ataulfo mangos) consistently when they're in season. Sometimes I can find them at Trader Joe's or ShopRite or Giant or even Costco, but at this time of year, I can always find them by the case - and on sale! - at Whole Foods. I don't regularly frequent Whole Foods since I'm no longer only blocks away from one, but there is one across the street (ahem - going through a traffic light that crosses over six lanes of route 309 traffic) from my Trader Joe's. So during mango season, we make the pitstop. On sale, they're $1 a piece, or a case is $14.99. I'm not exactly sure how many are supposed to be in a case, but I pile 20+ (however many fit without looking ridiculous).

What do we do with all these mangos? We eat them. I chop them and mix them with fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries for a fruit salad to accompany dinner. The kids gnaw on the pits while they're melting down for dinner to be ready even though it's only 4:11pm. I could make smoothies (or this frosty margarita!) with them, but we eat them too fast to encounter mushy mangos. Or you could make these fish tacos. Yum.

I am unable to determine online if they are still on sale by the case this week, so I'll have to check next week when we go to Trader Joe's. Because we are almost out again!

(If you don't know how to cut a mango, there are helpful YouTube videos, like this one at That's how I learned.)